Roblox is all around making friends and also playing through them, therefore it"s important to know just how to send and also accept inquiry on the platform. It"s also feasible to disapprove friend requests, i beg your pardon we"ll touch ~ above briefly. Read below to uncover out the two easiest ways to with out and also connect with fellow Roblox players!

Mobile - Send girlfriend Requests

If you have the Roblox app, it have the right to be easy to maneuver about your friends perform and readjust it together desired. To find your friends, click the More option in the bottom right edge of the app. It have to look like a circle with 3 dots inside. Native this screen, click Friends.

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currently you"ll have the ability to see your full friends list, search for brand-new friends, and also manage your very own pending friend requests.

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To regulate friend inquiry that other players have sent friend click the Requests choice from the food selection bar. Now you"ll be able to see any and also all girlfriend requests the you"ve received and also have the option to expropriate or neglect them. Agree a inquiry will add that player to your friends list, and ignoring it will remove yourself from their friends list as a pending friend.

How to search Friends on Mobile

If you know the username the the player that you"d prefer to add, girlfriend can go into it right into the find bar and also Roblox will certainly search their database to find the player"s profile for you. To access the site-wide player search, insanity the magnifying glass in the height right corner.

Once you"ve typed in the username that the player the you"re feather for, your profile will show up and you can conveniently click the human being icon that"s come the best of their surname card come send castle a girlfriend request! that won"t add them together a girlfriend instantly as they will have to accept the request, so there"s naught left to perform on your finish except pest them come hurry up and also accept it so you deserve to play together!

PC - Send girlfriend Requests

Adding friends indigenous the Roblox website is a little bit different, however even more simple. The find bar ~ above is provided to uncover everything ~ above the platform including experiences, items in the avatar shop, groups, libraries, and even people.

Begin typing in the username that the player that you desire to find and when you"ve finished click on "search in people" from the drop-down list. This will lug you come a web page where all of the relevant players will certainly be, including the human being that you"re feather for.

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If you"re searching for a method to add players that you"ve met in-game, this process is an easy too! accessibility the video game menu for whatever experience you"re in, uncover the player the you"re trying to find in the player list, and also click "Add friend", basic as that! Again, it won"t include them instantly together they have to accept it, but you could send castle a rapid message in chat to allow them recognize that you sent out them a request.

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