Enough assist and the best tools will make every the distinction when moving hefty furniture like a swimming pool table. The recommended method to relocate a pool table is come disassemble it. 

A clip remover because that the swimming pool table’s felt. 

Taking apart and moving a pool table safe takes in-depth planning. Relocating your pool table very closely through her home and out the door without damaging it calls for preparation. Make sure to measure up the width of any kind of doorways, staircases or hallways. This is specifically true when you’re relocating a pool table within her home. 

Tip: cover the spicy edges the your pool table through towels or foam child-proof bumpers to prevent scratching or chipping the walls.

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Before you relocate your swimming pool table, it’s strongly recommended to take it apart. Swimming pool tables space not designed to be moved in one piece. Friend will should disassemble the legs, felt, rails and slate and also then reassemble castle in your swimming pool table’s brand-new location.

In part circumstances and also with help, you can move a pool table using furniture sliders without taking it apart. However, this technique should just be check if you’re relocating your pool table a short distance together as across the very same room or right into an quickly accessed surrounding room.

Tip: above your pool table’s owner’s hand-operated for details disassembling and also reassembling instructions.


The first step in how to disassemble a swimming pool table is to remove the table’s sphere pockets. Usually these are hosted in with either screws or staples. Take the end the staples or use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws. Once the round pockets space out, use a socket wrench to remove the bolts in the side rails. Collection pockets and also rails in a safe location where lock won’t acquire kicked or stepped on.

Tip: Place any bolts and screws you eliminate in individual plastic bags and also label them with the component of the swimming pool table castle are needed for. 


If you desire to know how to move a swimming pool table without breaking the slate, very first remove the felt. Use a staple remover and gently take the end the staples that connect the felt. Be cautious not come tear the felt throughout this process so you deserve to reuse it. 

After you’ve gotten rid of the felt, you must see the slate. Slate is a rock and can it is in chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged relatively easily. Usage a drill to closely remove the screws stop the slate come the table. Elevator the slate out and collection it versus a wall or lay that on the floor. 

Tip: The slate in a swimming pool table can weigh 450 pounds or more. To prevent damage and feasible injury, that is very advised to not attempt to lift the slate through yourself. 


Once you remove the pockets, rails and slate, that time to take off the swimming pool table’s legs. Get help gently transforming the table framework upside under or top top its side. Shot to make certain to store the weight even as you flip the table to avoid breaking or damaging any kind of of the legs. 

Once you have actually the pool table in the appropriate position, use a drill to unscrew the screws holding the foot from the frame. Set the legs and frame in a secure spot.

Before you move your pool table parts, you’ll need to safeguard them from gaining scratched or chipped throughout transit. Carefully place and wrap every rail, leg and also pocket in protective cushioning or bubble wrap. Wrap the slate in relocating blankets. Usage packing ice cream or big wrap come secure the blankets or cushioning. Brand each part so you understand what they are. Load the pool table components onto a dolly or hand truck to transfer to the relocating truck or van.

Moving your own pool table deserve to be much less expensive than hiring experienced movers. However, advantages know how to move this incredibly heavy piece of furniture without damaging that or injuring themselves. Moving a swimming pool table yourself is a an extremely difficut job. Your pool table deserve to be dropped and damaged, the slates can conveniently crack as soon as unscrewing them, plus you and your helpers can become injured. Among the most essential things come know about how to move a pool table is come make sure you job-related safely. 

arrangement to have actually at least four to five human being to aid you.  Make certain everyone who helps attract slip-resistant shoes. Take it extra precautions loading the slates. Due to the fact that the slates are incredibly heavy, it may be complicated to difficult to avoid them indigenous falling during a lift.

By disassembling your swimming pool table corectly, throroughly protecting that is parts and also loading that properly, you deserve to move your swimming pool table through help. Get all the devices you require to relocate your swimming pool table and everything else without the upfront investment. The house Depot uses moving and also lifting tools rentals.

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