to buy the shrink-wrapped coconuts (in shell) in ~ the store is comparable to playing Russian Roulette. All this problem of acquiring the water out and also breaking the shell only to discover out the coconut is rancid (and sometimes unripe).

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Sometimes you deserve to see dark point out on the outside of the covering which it seems ~ to indicate mould ~ above the within of the shell, however there appears to be plenty that rancid ones the don"t show any kind of spots.

Here"s what they typically look like:


Are there definitive indications of rancidity (and ripeness) one deserve to detect at the store before the "autopsy"?

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If the eye of the coconut feeling dry and also slightly soft, its a an excellent coconut. If castle look/feel damp/mouldy then the coconut has gone bad.. You may have concerns with this though as the coconuts you buy are covered. Any type of cracks in the covering is likewise a great sign the the coconut flesh is mouldy.

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From a coconut grocer:

Not just the coconut need to sound practically full the water (slosh test), it must feel (oddly) heavy provided the fact that lock are supposed to it is in hollow.

Also the extra weight suggests much more meat in the fruit together well.

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