I typically charge the PS3 controller through connecting it to the PS3 when its idling, yet I assumption: v it"s much easier to fee it through my computers USB port.

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Would this work?



part USBs are taken into consideration "powered" USBs. This will support the controller. No powered will certainly not. Come say "any USB port" is inxorrect.
The PS3 controllers were designed prior to USB charging to be standardised (DCP), therefore they must do some simple negotiation through the host they"re connected to before they"ll charge.

All the made for ps3 chargers have a simple chip in castle which tells the controller it can charge up.


With respect to charging the controller through a PC: If the controller walk not start charging once plugged in come your computer (for me, light was on/solid), open an equipment Manager, find the game controller noted under human being Interface Devices, disable the controller using the right-click paper definition menu, unplug the controller, plug the controller earlier in, and also the controller should start charging (light(s) on/blinking). I simply verified this procedure works on home windows 8.1



Yes the PS3 controller have the right to be fee from a USB port on a computer, and also there are additionally specialised controller charging train station available. It appears that generic AC-to-USB adapters won"t work, possibly due to the fact that the controller requires maker drivers ~ above the organize or some sort of "handshake" in order to charge.


Yes. As lengthy as her charger can effectively negotiate with the object is that charging from, it will work. The possibilities depend ~ above a many things.

Experience: I have actually tried this successfully with mine laptop.

Can additionally be a poor cable. That was my problem I had to gain a brand-new cable online. After ns did it worked like a charm.

And correctly they are best you"ll have to connect to a organize to charge the controller. A simple usb wall plug won"t perform it.

Yes charging on computer works. Had actually mine plugged in v a USB 4 way port took periods to finish the handshake, hence my finding this subject be patience It"ll begin blinking eventually.

I"m charging mine PS3 controller using a portable backup power supply right now, it likewise worked with my PC as well as my laptop. It functioned with my wall surface fastcharger because that my Motorola yet not the wall surface chargers for my notebook, i-phone, no one Samsung.

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PS3 controllers will certainly not charge utilizing a wall surface charger, but they will charge when using a USB cable associated to a computer or any kind of other port.

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