Figuring out exactly how to sex a mustache dragon is critical for pretty much all owners. Understanding what gender you have can make it simpler to carry out top-notch care, or consider reproduction them in the future.

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But act this is trickier than it seems. Unlike countless other animals, there aren’t noticeable external indicators to phone call the difference between males and females.

And that’s wherein this overview comes in. We’ll teach you how to sex a moustache dragon utilizing a number of different and efficient methods.

Methods for Sexing mustache Dragons

There are a variety of methods the will aid bearded dragon owners figure out the gender of their pet lizard.

However, the worth mentioning that trying to sex a mustache dragon as soon as it’s younger than 4 main is pretty lot impossible. at best, gender determinations when they’re younger 보다 this are merely educated guesses at best.

In general, that is simplest to identify whether a mustache dragon is male or female ~ they have reached 4 come 6 month of age. However, some knowledgeable owners and breeders can make fairly accurate sex determinations end 4 main of age to 12 weeks.

When it involves sexing bearded dragon there space a couple of different tactics you can use. These gender determination techniques include:

Hemipenal BulgesFemoral pore SizeBehaviorSize & form Differences

Identify The Hemipenal Bulges

One of the many effective and popular ways to recognize whether your precious beardie is a female or masculine is to recognize the hemipenal bulges.

Expert Tip: To usage this technique you’ll should wait till the reptile is over 4 to 8 weeks old. However, if you don’t have a most experience this technique will get substantially easier when they’ve got to 4 to 6 month of age.

Male bearded dragon will have two hemipenal bulges that can be felt underneath the tail near to your anus. To placed it much more simply, there will be one bulge top top either next on the underside of the tail.

In contrast, a mrs bearded dragon will only have actually one hemipenal bulge (or bumps) situated centrally ~ above the underside of the tail near to the anus.

When check this it’s important to host your beardie gently. Make certain that you assistance the your tail and legs to help prevent injury to your pet.

Gently background the tail and also look at the underside of the tail. Perform not do this move conveniently or too aggressively. Otherwise, your bearded dragon could experience pain and also even injury.

It have the right to be daunting to point out the bulges at first. Begin slowly and gradually rise tail height to assist smooth out the tail skin ~ above the underside enough to properly see the bumps.

If she still can not to spot the bulges, her dragon might simply be as well young. Her beardie might be a little overweight together well, making intuitive inspection more difficult.

Fortunately, yes sir a sports of this technique that have the right to make whatever a entirety lot easier…

Use A Flashlight

To do the flashlight method for sexing mustache dragons, hold your pet in the same means we explained in the ar above. Ensure that its tail and legs space supported properly before gently lifting increase the tail to look ~ above the underside tail area in ~ the very same location.

And this is wherein things acquire kind of neat.

With this method, you will do it be making use of a flashlight to help visual inspection! The irradiate will assist make the bulges much easier to spot with the tail.


Male moustache dragons normally have a thicker and also larger head. Lock also much more likely come puff out and blacken the shade of their beard. Spikes may become an ext visible throughout mating as well.

In enhancement to this, males usually have actually a more thickness tail from reminder to end. This is much more apparent together they acquire older though.

Females, top top the other hand, have a much more trim and also overall smaller sized head size. They additionally have a noticeably thinner tail.

When space They Old enough For friend To determine Their Gender?

While we detailed the general rule earlier in the guide, there room a few additional details the we want to include.

Determining the sex the a moustache dragon deserve to be complicated when the lizard is under 4 to 6 month of age (if friend don’t have a most experience). However, professional owners and breeders with plenty of years of experience under your belt deserve to usually identify the gender much earlier.

It’s not unusual for an skilled breeder come accurately sex bearded dragon at the 8 to 12-week mark! some reptile specialists may even determine the gender when the beardie is as young as 4 main old.

An exciting fact is that discovering the age of your bearded dragon can actually do it a lot simpler to phone call what sex you’re handle with.

Owners of pet bearded dragons can usually acquire the age record of your pet from the breeder that sold the beardie to them in the first place. Reliable breeders will keep exact records of the birth, growth, and age of their bred reptiles.

If the pets owner does no have accessibility to the breeder’s records, over there are age charts that can be referenced that have the right to use the size of her bearded dragon to come up v an almost right age.

When measuring your bearded dragon to recognize their approximate age, be sure to incorporate the tail in this measurement. Take it your ruler or ice cream measure and also measure indigenous the dragon’s head all the method to the reminder of the tail.

Expert Tip: psychic that most charts are going come be beneficial for the many common species of dragons. Over there are other smaller species of this reptile that are rare and tend come be lot smaller 보다 the usual pet varieties.

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As you can see, learning how to sex a bearded dragon is a lot easier than it seems. When you understand the correct methods, the actually fairly straightforward!

As long as you stick to the recommendations in this guide and handle your beardie carefully, we have complete confidence that you’ll have the ability to safely number out their gender.