Right matches Wrong in tying Up a Horse

When tie your equine up, safety have to be your best concern. A equine that is tied incorrectly can acquire loose, and, depending on where he’s at, have the right to seriously injure self or others. Or, he have the right to get recorded up in the rope and also get in a negative wreck.

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My preferred method of tie a horse up roughly the ranch is to use a Patience Pole. My variation of a Patience Pole is a 12-foot steel pole set in concrete 4 feet deep in the ground through 8 feet climbing up perpendicular to the ground. At the top is a hub, and welded to the is a hard 3/4-inch tube the extends down about a foot and has a loop in ~ the end for it is registered the horse’s command rope or a heavy-duty chain. The idea behind a Patience Pole is that if the horse walks approximately the pole, the hub spins around. So if a equine gets nervous and wants to move, the is much more than welcome to relocate his feet, but instead of go off, he just goes about in circles. After ~ a while, the steed gets sort of tired and also eventually defeats himself mentally—he realizes the no matter how much that moves, he’s never ever before going to go anywhere, so he might as well stand still and relax.

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When a steed is bound correctly, he must be securely fastened to a safe, stable structure that won’t move if that does. The lead rope have to be fastened so the there’s around a forearm’s length between the clip attached to the halter and also where the command rope is tied. It have to be fastened in ~ the horse’s eye level so the the tail the the rope is safely out of the horse’s method and he can stand comfortably.


Illustration #1

Lay the command rope across your left hand through the totally free end hanging down. Form a small loop in the line in her hand by acquisition the complimentary end the the rope over, not under, the line in your hand. Then happen the free end that the rope behind the pole, or whatever you’re tie your steed to.

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