The old hand-on-the-arm is among the oldest flirting top in the book, and it’s also one the the easiest means to display someone you’re right into them. Yet what around when you’re emotion shy or don’t feel comfortable invading someone’s an individual space? You have the right to still put your flirt vibes out there, with no skin-to-skin call required.

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Here’s the funny point that college of Kansas researchers discovered in 2015. Once Jeffrey Hall, associate professor of communication studies at the college of Kansas, coded 36 verbal flirting behaviors and also non-verbal flirting behaviors, he discovered that an excellent flirting is all about what you to speak and do. Examples of linguistic flirting behaviors included questioning questions and giving compliments, when non-verbal flirting actions were all about the body language — foot crossing, leaning forward and also nodding. In the initial dating conversation in the study, human being were many attracted to those that matched their verbal and non-verbal flirting style.

And the physical flirters that relied most on human body language didn’t fare so fine in the get-to-know-yous. They wanted to to express their interest in real-time (when conference someone at a party or a café, for example).

Physical flirting has its time and place, most regularly when friend don’t have actually the time for a long chat or require an entry into a an excellent conversation. And as the researchers in this examine pointed out, most human being have a really difficult time figuring out if who is flirting v them — i m sorry is whereby body language comes in however again.

If you want to crank up the warmth when conference someone new, or just make things flirtier v your significant other, here’s exactly how to send the end those subtly sexy vibes without having to get naked:

1. Start with eye contact

The eyes are the home window into the soul, and also they’re likewise going to rotate you right into a really an excellent flirt, Charlee Brotherton, matchmaker and also founder of executive Matchmakers, says. “So much deserve to betransfer through how you look at someone and also how you move about them.” without locking lock in a fatality stare, Brotherton advises, “Use your eyes to placed a spell on her man. Exude a sexual energy, and also it will be reciprocated.”

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2. Pull out the little black dress

And make sure you’re mirroring some skin — however not as well much, Julia Bekker of relationship recruiting site searching Maven, says. “Wear miscellaneous that shows off your ideal assets. A quite slit in a dress so you deserve to flash that a small leg is sexy, or a dress above knee length if her legs are your ideal feature, possibly a middle revealing top.” To keep the seduction train rolling, Bekker proposal wearing heels and keeping her hair down since many guys prefer that. Yet whatever friend wear, make certain you feel sexy since it’s your essence that controls the room — and the attention of your partner.

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3. Laugh together, a lot

Here’s another sexy activity you deserve to do with your trousers on. In the initial flirty convo, save things light and shot your best to crack some jokes or make part jabs, when the possibility presents itself. Brotherton explains that feeling bonds and also makes people much more attractive to one another. “Great banter is a wonderful method to flirt. Laughing (authentically) is recognized to instantly alleviate stress levels and also increases serotonin and also endorphins. And having him equate you v happiness and also fun will make that want much more of you.”

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4. Don’t put it all out there

Wouldn’t you recognize it, we’re most regularly attracted come an air of mystery. That human being sitting across the table more than likely doesn’t want to know everything at when — no matter just how much they’re grilling girlfriend on her life story. Arouse him by arousing his curiosity, Bekker says. “Be calm, cool and built up — and a small withdrawn yet show him just sufficient interest. Don’t share as well much. Don’t make the conversation all about you; present him that you can talk about other things, topics that room interesting and show her intelligence. Let the in a small but save him wanting to find out more.” Bekker recommends trying the old bait-in-switch in conversation — change the topic once he starts come ask too numerous questions and also ask him around himself instead.

5. Talk a small dirty

Let’s make reservation this one because that those times as soon as you require to warmth up a irreversible relationship or nudge a casual dating relationship a little closer to the bedroom. Talk dirty might be one of the best ways to rotate someone on, without any type of physical contact involved. Dr. Jenn Mann, psychotherapist and host the Vh1’s Couple’s Therapy and also author the The relationship Fix, tells, “Talking dirty is good for couples for a variety of reasons. Combining the physics (you just could be touching yourself when texting, if you space really great with your fingers!) with verbally erotic product is a an effective combination. This kind of talk/text help you verbalize what you like and also want.”

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And, Dr. Jenn says, periodically it’s easier to text about something you might not have the courage to say in person. Sexting helps to obtain things warmed increase — v no really foreplay needed. Follow to Dr. Jenn, “It’s one an ext dish in ~ the buffet the seduction.”