Xbox Live is no much different from various other social networks, you deserve to chat v your friends, send messages, play gamings together, search for people, etc.. However what if girlfriend don’t want to be uncovered by specific people top top there? or what if you are receiving rude message from someone and also you want it come stop? You have the right to block them! Block lock so girlfriend never need to see lock on Xbox Live ever again!

Blocking people will prevent them indigenous finding friend in search, messaging you, inviting you to games and also seeing your activity status

Steps come Block who On Xbox series X/S & One: can’t it is in loaded since JavaScript is disabled: how To Block and UnBlock on Xbox One (

The video above shows how to block civilization on Xbox Live

• Launch her Xbox and also sign in to your Xbox profile.

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• Click the ‘guide’ button on her controller to bring up the guide menu. 

• move to the left once to gain to the ‘people’ section.

• If you room friends v the person, open up up your friend’s list, or else click ‘find someone‘ and search for your Gamertag.

• open up their Xbox live profile.

• click on the button that claims ‘more’ and then girlfriend can click on ‘block.’

• and that’s it, they will now be blocked from playing through you and contacting girlfriend on Xbox live!

Steps To control Your Blocked users On Xbox: can’t be loaded since JavaScript is disabled: how To view Your clogged Players list on Xbox One (

The video above shows exactly how to see & regulate your blocked player perform on Xbox Live

You have the right to see a perform of her blocked users, and If girlfriend have readjusted your mind and want to enable contact again girlfriend can easily unblock them.

• On her Xbox controller, click the ‘guide’ button to lug up the overview menu.

• relocate to the left a couple of times to obtain to the ‘users‘ tab and also then click your profile.

• select ‘my profile’.

• From your profile click the ‘social’ tab.

• select ‘following’ indigenous the left sidebar.

• Click where it states ‘everything’ and then select ‘blocked’.

• A list of individuals who you’ve clogged will currently appear.

• Unblock lock from here by going into their profiles, selecting ‘more’, and also then ‘unblock’.

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And the draws an finish to this tutorial! If you have any kind of questions please leaving them under below!

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