Male dogs deserve to start to have actually sperm at seven months old, but ten month is much more common. Young dogs do not have actually quality sperm. Practically all dog will have actually sperm by one year.

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Stud dogs are at your prime in between 18 months and 4 years old (or 5), ~ that, the high quality of the sperm starts to lessen, and the ability to penetrate eggs, lessens. Through 10 years old, most stud dogs carry out not develop sperm that will impregnate a bitch.

A tie is a herbal phenomenon that dog breeding in i m sorry the bulbus glandis the the male"s prick swells inside the bitch"s vagina. The dogs are virtually locked with each other for 15-20 minutes (two come 30 minute is also normal), during which time ejaculation has actually taken place. The sperm is exit at the beginning of the tie, during the happy feet dance (see below). During the tie, he is publication prostatic fluid.


As quickly as the dog lock the male usually moves his foot over her back, turns butt come butt and they stay locked. Tied.


Tie close-up

Getting stuck with each other is normal. Do NOT ice them to get them apart. The masculine is claimed to swell up and also get stuck inside the woman for 2 to 30 minutes. Currently if you feel the sire and dam in this area you will certainly feel pulsating. Once you hear who say they obtained a 13-minute tie, this way they were locked together for 13 minutes.

Picture that a male cock with a swelled bulbus glands


It is advised that you provide close supervision and also keep them calm. You perform not want a bigger female acquiring scared and also panicky to swing the male roughly by his penis, as it will acquire bruised and also may do a repeat reproduction failure. Perform NOT attempt to separate. Instead, acquire ON THE FLOOR and also keep castle calm. You do not want the female come panic and also start squirming. If she is bigger than the masculine she deserve to really hurt the male. The is helpless and also will usually stand perfect still, waiting. The male normally stands calmly; make sure the female go the same. Some females cry in what looks choose pain, some desperately want to acquire free, some simply seem come calmly wait.

After a tie, it is great to no let the dam pee for 15 minutes, yet MOST crucial is to examine your male, and also make certain that his penis has gone back inside of him and is not strangled in hair or stuck out.

"I simply did a tie v a brand-new breeder that want to watch. Her best shock was the young dam’s initial panic; that would certainly have involved her. But when she observed me gain on the floor and calm her and also then establish this must be normal as i was so calm, SHE was SOOOOOOO glad to see what that is prefer so she will certainly not panic, as if she panicked, the dogs may likewise panic."


Most dogs was standing for a tie and it is essential that you do not permit the dam roll about or gain too frisky and hurt the male, however this details dam insists on lie on she back.

Unless you know what her pair will do once they room locked, I highly suggest 100% supervision once mating. I only do managed ties.... 100% supervision.... Accidents can happen.

After the tie they space separated, through their an excellent disapproval, for at least 24 hours to permit his sperm come build ago up.

With a younger male (under 4 years) 20 hours is enough, but with an larger male, you may want to increase this time to 30-36 hours.

It is way to examine with your vet. He can attract a sample from the male and check how abundant he is or if the is sterile.

If his sperm level is low, then you must be a little much more involved in each other scheduling.

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Frequently asked Question

Can a dam that has mated with much more than one stud during a solitary heat have pups from both fathers?

Answer: Yes, when a dam mates with more than one stud, both that the studs have the right to impregnate the female at the very same time. Pups native a solitary litter have the right to have various fathers, together the sperm from both fathers will swim around, waiting for the eggs to ripen. The sperm from both fathers will live in the dam for 5 days.


Purebred Yorkshire Terrier and also a Chorkie (Yorkshire Terrier / Chihuahua mix) born in the same litter

YES, the is the female that will identify the size of a litter.

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YES, the stud dog determines the gender of the puppies.

"This litter is the result of a mistake once a Chihuahua male captured a Yorkie female in ~ the start of her heat. The Yorkie male mated her together well. In the exact same litter we have actually a Chorkie female and also a pure Yorkie male! Cute! In the picture they space eight mainly old."