Clocks space a handy device for knowing what time of day it is when you"re undergroun in Minecraft. Here"s just how to handmade one.

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image the clock on item frame next to image of exactly how to handmade a clock
In enhancement to the wide variety of block in Minecraft, there is lots much more to explore and do. And also raising animals and defeating monsters, friend can additionally craft! over there are tons of tiny gadgets, consisting of the clock, which deserve to be organized or provided in redstone contraptions.

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In this guide, we are going to go over every little thing you should know around clocks, including what they are used for and how to make them. First, let's take a look at exactly how to use this item.

just how To use A Clock

clock being supplied underground
much like clocks in real life, Minecraft clocks are used to tell the time of day. The confront of the clock has actually a dial, i beg your pardon spins clockwise and shows either a sun or a moon. If the clock is mirroring a sun straight in the center, that method it is midday. The correct time will be clearly shows from both sides of the clock, and also if the clock is placed or thrown top top the ground.

This might not be the most useful while you are on the surface, since the sun is visible.

Clocks come in comfortable went you room underground, whereby there is no sunlight. If you have actually spent a couple of days underground, you may want to keep a clock handy so you recognize when to sleep. This is advantageous if you room worried about being struck by phantoms when you go back to the surface.

Clocks can additionally be placed into article frames to act as wall surface clocks. This provides a good decoration for her base, back it might not carry out the most functional value.

merged with a couple of other materials, girlfriend can additionally make her own grand clock. Be certain to examine out our overview to make a functioning grand clock.

Minecraft Two finish Cities In The End
The day and night bike does no exist in the end or Nether, therefore clocks carry out not work in these dimensions. If you bring a clock to either one of these dimensions, it will begin to promptly spin, without providing any type of information.

crafting menu for a clock
To craft a clock, you will require the following materials.

4 gold Ingot 1 Redstone Dust

These products are relatively simple to attain underground. Yellow ore can be discovered at any kind of level, however, girlfriend will have a higher opportunity to discover gold between Y=30 and Y=80. once you discover gold ore, mine it v an iron, diamond, or netherite tool. Any other tool will cause the ore to be destroyed. Mining the ore will cause raw yellow to drop, which have the right to then be smelted into gold ingot (or bars).

Redstone can additionally be uncovered deep underground, below Y=16.

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in ~ this level, you deserve to find huge veins the redstone ore, which have the right to be mined with iron, diamond, or netherite devices to autumn redstone dust.

That's every there is to know about clocks. Don't forget to craft a couple of to location in items frames roughly your base!

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