For obese people, one of the most embarrassing topics come talk about is bottom wiping. Even as a huge guy myself, it wasn’t something that I’ve been really comfortable discussing. But since it’s a natural part of being very overweight, there’s no reason not to. 

Fat people have four ways to wipe their bottoms; they will either ask your caregiver to wipe them, use hand expansion tools, usage a bidet, or take it a shower automatically after making use of the toilet. 


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I’ve claimed it. 

There isn’t much else you can do as soon as you happen a particular level of obesity, in every honesty. Together a person who weighed 463 lbs at one point, I’ve had actually to use every one of the accessible options. And to it is in frank, none is much fun, however they are better than walking about smelling choose poop. 


Everything about living together an obese person is difficult, and wiping is often the least of ours worries. As such, I deserve to assume that the reason you are analysis this is either due to the fact that you space curious, have to take care of one obese person, or wonder if you are the only obese human being with difficulty wiping. 

If it’s the very first reason, her answer is bolded up above. For the persons who need to take treatment of an obese person or other fat civilization looking because that solidarity, I’ve got a couple of tips to share, so stick around. 

How carry out Fat civilization Wipe Themselves?

As discussed earlier, over there isn’t much you can do together a fat person to wipe your butt. I’ll walk over each one in detail and something you have to take keep in mind of to have the easiest time possible. 

Asking Caregivers to assist Wipe her Bottom

One of the most usual ways because that obese people to continue to be clean is to ask their caregiver come wipe them. If you room a caregiver, act this could be a tiny uncomfortable in ~ first, however it will become as with wiping a baby after a while. 

As an obese person, one of the most essential things come remember is the you need to be patient v your caregiver as soon as asking castle to assist you wipe. I’ve had to find out this the hard way after see the frustration of mine partner. Yet I also understand exactly how it feels to be unclean. However, the isn’t your caregiver’s fault or problem, so you have to be patient and careful once you require their assistance. 

For the caregivers that find it poisonous to aid someone wipe, you have the right to do a couple of things to do it a tiny easier. You can wear gloves, wear a mask, and think the it together wiping a baby.

Using hand expansion tools come wipe

I’ve currently shared the ideal wiping help for obese civilization before, where I review each of the top-bottom wipers because that obese people. However, for those that haven’t viewed it, the tool I recommend making use of is the Bottom Buddy wiping Aid. 

This device will substantially restore your self-reliance by offering you that extra reach that you need. Native my personal experience, they aren’t as good when using tissues together if you provided your hands. However, if friend pair them through wipes, you’ll obtain very great results comparable to what it’d it is in if you weren’t obese. 

I suggest pairing them with flushable wipes like the Dude wipes or loot Wipes because that women.

They use Bidets

My favorite way to wipe while i was method overweight to be by utilizing a bidet. They job-related by spraying a jet of water that provides you a very great clean. If you pair it v a bottom wiper favor the bottom buddy, you have a near-perfect solution. 

However, bidets aren’t together cheap a solution and will require some occupational to placed in. Yet if you deserve to afford to acquire one, I’d extremely recommend law so together it is a lifesaver. Otherwise, you’ll need to resort come the last option. 

Take a shower automatically after

This is the last resort, but it’s also pretty reliable IF you have actually a detachable showerhead that have the right to spray under there. I frequently used this option instantly after utilizing the toilet, and it has actually even come to be somewhat that a habit now, also though i no much longer require assist to wipe. 

I prefer to feeling clean and also smell good. For this reason if you have these choices too, I’d imply taking a shower head after going to the bathroom.

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The Bottom Line

Being overweight to the degree that you need aid to wipe isn’t fun or healthy for girlfriend mentally nor physically. As such, you have to start looking right into ways to mitigate your weight if it is possible. Otherwise, I extremely recommend getting a toilet because that obese people and also using a bottom clean everything tool. 

That way, you can reduce her reliance ~ above a caregiver and also reclaim several of your dignity.


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