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I gained A line on youSpiritLet me take it you baby, down to the river bedGot come tell friend somethin", go best to her headCause I acquired a heat on you, babeI acquired a line on youGotta placed your arms around meWith every bit of your loveIf you recognize what come do, I"ll make love to youCause you gained the ideal line to endure these timesI obtained a heat on you babeI got a line on you babeI gained a line on friend babeI obtained a line on youI got a line on girlfriend babeYou recognize my winter"s virtually overMy summer, she"s comin" top top strongI have the right to love you, love you, love youLove you all year longI acquired a heat on you babeI obtained a line on youI obtained a line on friend babeI obtained a heat on youI got a line on girlfriend babe
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