Hi, I have actually a pair of questions that ns hope you wouldn't mind answering. I will be acquisition my daughter for her 18th date of birth in July. Deserve to you tell me if the pool has a schedule. Prefer I read at the holiday Inn that their pool closes at 5:00 or 6:00 every evening. Is the the exact same for the Riu? Also, carry out they likewise mugs, or execute you only acquire to use the tiny cups lock have.? any kind of info girlfriend can offer will be significantly appreciated.

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Mugs are just for coffee, really. Swimming pool does have actually a schedule. It it s okay cold anyways in ~ night so girlfriend wont want to be there. Also the beach is open up 24/7, however there are many bugs in ~ night. And also it gets an extremely quiet and also a small scary go on the coast at night by yourself.

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Hi Guys,

I saw human being in the pool in the evening although many wanted come shower and enjoy a fabulous enjoy the meal , peak shelf drinks and also a show. Together for mugs part took your own huge mugs because that daytime drinks approximately the excellent pool, lunch and also afternoon beverage the choice. Believe me I have travelled anywhere the people from Hawaii to Turkey and you will not it is in disappointed at the Riu Palace. We room going come the Riu royal residence Bavaro in Punta Cana in the Dominican Rep. In January 15 so it deserve to not be the bad. Have a an excellent holiday but remember who you space with is much more important than any kind of hotel, particularly if girlfriend love each other. Ideal Wishes. Xxx

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The pool technically does have open and close times yet the setting is very laid back and no one yes, really bothers girlfriend if you continue to be in much longer than your claimed to be. The pool really gets rid of out anyway when the swimming pool bar and activities are over. I did gain a mug that coffee once but I was mainly drinking signature cocktails. Likewise the coffee you acquire is not the civilization renowned Blue Mountain. Therefore you may wanna gain some to lug back. It's yes, really good.

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The swimming pool does not have actually times and also as for mugs lol, lock do have actually platic beakers that organize around fifty percent a pint. As its every inclusive does the size matter as you walk to the bar as lot as girlfriend want

No lock is no time because that the pool and also yes take a mug since the cups are little or ideal travel mug many of people used them.

The swimming pool closed in ~ 8pm. The bar at the pool closed around 6pm. Over there is many of time to hang the end at the pool. As much as drinks are concerned, friend can carry your own mug, however I did not seem to mind the serving size, there is lot of of bars to acquire a drink!

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