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This poem is ns think one earnest, unostentatious statements of Emily Dickinson"s outlook top top life and also possibly likewise a type of mission statement because that both she life and also her poetry.

Life can gain rather complex and we tend to spend a lot of our time and also energy concerned about...

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This poem is ns think one earnest, unostentatious declaration of Emily Dickinson"s outlook top top life and possibly additionally a type of mission statement for both she life and her poetry.

Life can get rather complicated and we tend to spend a many our time and also energy worrying around things which, relatively, really aren"t that important. Us worry around how lot money we might make, what apparel we wear, which people we have to impress, and so forth. For Dickinson, the point of life, at the very least the suggest of she life, is just to make someone else"s even a tiny bit better, or easier.

She wants only to "stop one heart from breaking," or "cool one pain." This might sound fairly unambitious, yet it is nonetheless a laudable aim. If everybody had this as their mission statement for life, the human being would an extremely likely be a lot kinder, lot safer place.

Dickinson may have had her mommy in mind once she created this poem. Her mother was left paralyzed through a stroke because that the last 7 years of her life and was cared because that by she daughters, including Emily. Emily later on wrote around her mother, in a letter to a friend:

“When us were Children and she journeyed, she always brought us something. Now, would she carry us however herself, what an just Gift.”

This quotation captures the same selfless, altruistic sentiment that is expressed in the poem. Dickinson, that seems, considered it an honor rather than a duty to be able to "cool one pain."

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This city is essentially about Dickinson"s great for her poetry. If friend look at she life, she was very secluded and very isolated in nature. Her body of occupational was enormous and also really, the was all she had. I"ve always looked at this specific poem as solution to someone who had questioned her about why she wrote. She had actually such a clear knowledge of humanity, yet she to be so diverted from the herself. This city serves together a an answer to those who doubted her motives.

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I think her love the nature is additionally shown in this poem. If she didn"t compose for the "fainting robin," animals certainly served as personalities or references in numerous of her poems.