The first Quarter Moon is a main Moon step when fifty percent of the Moon"s challenge is lit up. Whether it is the left or right fifty percent depends on wherein you space on Earth.

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The very first Quarter Moon rises roughly midday and is visible in the work sky.

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Times for the an initial Quarter Moon differ by time zone. Times and also dates are based upon the regional time in Ann Arbor. Change location

Half the Moon Is Lit Up

The an initial Quarter Moon is additionally called a fifty percent Moon because the Sun"s rays illuminate exactly 50% of the Moon"s surface.

Half that the Moon’s surface is constantly illuminated by direct sunlight, except during lunar eclipses when earth casts its shadow on the Moon. Just exactly how much of the light we have the right to see from earth varies every day, and also we call this a Moon phase.

Moon step tonight

Half Moon Visible during the Day

The Moon is the only huge object you can conveniently see in the job blue sky apart native the Sun. The very first Quarter Moon rises around midday and sets around midnight. This is the opposite of a third Quarter Moon, i m sorry rises in the center of the night and also sets in the middle of the day.

The Moon: Our natural satellite



The gold Handle appears on the Moon"s terminator a couple of days after very first Quarter. You"ll require a pair the binoculars, or the zoom function on your camera.

Soon after first Quarter, a golden Sight

About two days after the first Quarter Moon, a delicate visual result known together the Golden Handle or Jewelled Scimitar occurs. As sunlight creeps throughout the Moon"s face, that lights increase the peaks of the Montes Jura (a mountain range) above the still-dark Sinus Iridum (Bay that Rainbows), and also a curved “handle” appears top top the terminator, the heat separating the dark and the lit-up next of the Moon.

Second main Moon Phase

In west culture, we divide the lunar month into 4 primary and four intermediary Moon phases.



The Moon"s place at an initial Quarter Moon.

First 4 minutes 1 Moon is the second primary Moon phase once the Moon has reached the first quarter of its orbit approximately Earth, thus the name.

A main Phase Is specific Time

The very first primary Moon step is brand-new Moon, while the 3rd is the complete Moon, and the critical is called third Quarter Moon.

The primary Moon phases take place at a particular moment in time, and also the intermediate Moon phases are the time in between the main phases. These room the wax Crescent Moon, the wax Gibbous Moon, the Waning Gibbous Moon, and the Waning Crescent Moon.

Same step Looks Different

Moon phases space the same almost everywhere the world. The exact same percentage and also area of the Moon room illuminated no matter where on planet you are. However, the Moon is rotated in various ways depending on the time, the date, your location, and the Moon"s place in the sky. Therefore, the illuminated part can appear on the left, the right, the top, or the bottom.

It takes around 29.5 work to relocate through the eight Moon phases.

Opposite political parties in the contrary Hemispheres

At the first Quarter in the Northern Hemisphere, the right half that the Moon is lit up, while the left half is illuminated in the Southern Hemisphere. Close to the Equator, the upper component is bright after moonrise, and the lower component is bright before moonset.

Latitude and longitude

First quarter Moon in Calendars


The price for very first Quarter Moon in modern-day calendars is a circle separation down the center with the best side white and also the left next black.

The other primary Moon phase icons in calendar are:

= new Moon,
= complete Moon,
= 3rd Quarter

Calendar with Moon phases

The Moon illustration on our Moon step pages indicates an ext accurately, although no perfectly, which part of the Moon is lit up.

Affects the Tides

The ocean tides on planet are mostly created by the Moon’s gravitational pull. At the first and third Quarter, the Moon and Sun traction in different directions, producing the the smallest difference in between high and low tide, recognized as neaps or neap tide.

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The biggest tidal range is about Full Moon and new Moon. During these Moon phases, the Moon and the Sun"s gravitational forces combine to traction the ocean’s water in the exact same direction. These tides are recognized as spring tides or king tides.

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Times because that the first Quarter Moon vary by time zone. Times and dates are based upon the local time in Ann Arbor. Adjust location