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Photo: Mike Mozart /Flickr

Green beans certainly seem favor vegetables, don't they? when a picky son doesn't want to eat eco-friendly beans, what does mother or dad say? "Eat your vegetables." perhaps if green beans were dubbed a fruit, i m sorry is technically accurate, the boy would be more inclined to eat them.

Okra — no matter which household you think it belongs to — has actually been getting popularity because that years.(Photo: Brent Hofaker/Shutterstock)

Okra"s popularity has actually been farming in the past few years, and while the hasn"t earn the status of an "it" vegetable yet favor kale or cauliflower, it may still earn the moniker. If it does, you"ll understand it"s really no an "it" vegetable. It"s an "it" fruit.

Habanero peppers come in beloved shades.(Photo: Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock)

It really appears wrong the peppers are on this list, especially when you realize that something like a Habanero — a pepper that"s 70 times hotter 보다 a jalapeño — is technically a fruit. But whether the pepper is on the sweet side like a bell pepper or ~ above the super spicy side favor a Habanero, they space all derived from a flower and therefore are fruits.

Technically, this ratatouille is a savory, baked dish complete of fruit.(Photo: Oksana Mizina/Shutterstock)

Why did every these fruits pertained to be well-known as vegetables? The finest guess is that due to the fact that they're no sweet because the herbal sugars in them space low, human being who cooked them put them in the vegetables category along with true vegetables the come from the leaves, stalks, roots, tubers and also bulbs of a plant, or vegetables that space the flower of the plant, choose broccoli.

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But think around it. A dish favor ratatouille made from tomato, eggplant and also squash, botanically speaking, is just a baked fruit salad.