In your search for Baptism invitations, you could have come throughout invitations that cite Christening or Dedication. Like countless parents, you’re most likely wondering how Baptism, Christening and also Dedication are various from every other. We believed we’d shot to price this inquiry for you and also give you an example of invite wording because that each.

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Webster’s thesaurus states that Baptism is “a Christian sacrament marked by ritual use the water and also admitting the recipient to the Christian community.” many denominations that Christianity perform Baptisms on babies and tiny children where as Baptists and also most non-denominational churches wait until the recipient is old enough to consciously expropriate Christianity.

Baptism invite Wording would read something favor this:We’re joyfully bringing ours daughter into the love of god’s familywe invite you to celebrate the Baptism of ours daughterAbigail Maeon might 30, 2015during the 6:oo p.m. ServiceChrist king’s Lutheran Church101 fourth StreetMankato, MN

The native “Christening,” in relationship to Baptism, method the act of specify name or dedicating the child. Christening is not its very own ceremony or sacrament yet rather a referral to the component of the Baptism wherein the priest asks, “What name have you given your child?” In some denominations (oftentimes Catholic), Christening has been accepted as one more name because that Baptism.

Christening invitation wording would check out something like this:Julie and also Brent Vangsness joyfully invite you come share with themthe Christening of their sonAlan Benjaminon Saturday, might 30, 2015at 6:00 p.m.St. Peter and also Paul’s Catholic Church1801 sixth StreetMankato, MN

A Dedication is a Christian ceremony the dedicates the infant to God and welcomes the baby into the church. During this ceremony, the parents also dedicate themselves to elevating the son as a Christian. This awareness is perform in Baptist churches, non-denominational churches and Assembly the God churches where it is believed that the individual must not be Baptized till he/she deserve to make the conscious selection to carry out so.

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Dedication invite wording would check out something choose this:Help united state celebrate love and new lifeas us dedicate our son Christopher David to Godon Saturday, may 30, 2015at 6:00 p.m.Church the Christ900 Highway 99Cleveland, MN 56017

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