Medically the evaluation by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — composed by Kathryn Watson on august 12, 2021

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Much that what girlfriend look like originates from a mix of your parents’ DNA. Her hair’s texture and color space no exception. Hereditary information that’s embedded in your body creates a formula because that what your hair is going to look choose throughout her lifetime. Other factors, prefer nutrition, health conditions, and also hormones, have less influence than the DNA that you’re born with.

If both of your parents to be born through curly hair, possibilities are the you’ll be born through curly hair, too. But there are situations where 2 curly haired parents can create a boy with directly or wavy hair.

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Curly hair is taken into consideration a “dominant” gene trait. Directly hair is thought about “recessive.” To placed that in simple terms, that way that if one parent provides you two curly haired genes and the other parent provides you a pair the straight-haired genes, you’ll be born v curly hair.

Both of your parents give you two pieces of hereditary information, called alleles, that identify what your hair form will be. The 2 alleles indigenous your organic father incorporate with 2 alleles from your organic mother, offering you four in all.

Typically, a leading gene is one that overpowers a recessive gene once two different qualities are current in one item of DNA. The leading gene will become the visible trait in the human born with both qualities in their DNA. A recessive gene is a piece of genetic information that you can’t see, yet that you may carry.

Let’s say that your father has actually curly hair. The doesn’t average that both that his alleles room for curly hair. Since curly hair is dominant, he may have actually been born with curly hair but carry an allele for right hair, too.

Let’s likewise say that your mother has straight hair. Possibly she inherited 2 alleles for straight hair. That would typical you’ve got three alleles for right hair, and also only one for curly hair. You could very well it is in born with right hair, or happen the opportunity of having straight hair under to your children.

There no necessarily one solitary gene that causes your hair to become curly. Your hair type is the an outcome of exactly how your parent’s DNA combines, in addition to your ethnicity. Studies indicate that human being with different genealogical histories have different genes that are responsible for your hair type.

There are some human traits and health conditions that are figured out only by your mother’s DNA. These are called “Y-linked” factors since they’re passed v the Y chromosome.

There are also traits and also conditions connected to your father’s DNA. These are dubbed “X-linked” factors due to the fact that they’re passed v the X chromosome. The means your hair watch is neither Y-linked or X-linked.

The only exemption to this would certainly be if you have a genetic health problem with symptoms that affect the way that her hair appears. In some cases, these hereditary health problems may be connected to a single gene or a solitary mutation within a solitary gene.

Being born v curly hair doesn’t mean that your hair will have actually that texture because that the remainder of your life.

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Hormonal changes

Hormones deserve to influence her hair follicle framework at various points of her life. Researcher still don’t completely understand every one of the scenarios that can reason this to happen.

You may notification that your curly hair i do not care thicker, heavier, or much less curly during pregnancy, for example. You may see your hair become less curly if the thins the end postpartum. Hormone fluctuations during menopause may also cause hair structure to change.


There’s additionally the matter of your prompt environment. Perhaps you’ve stayed in a humid climate every one of your life however move come the dry, cool mountains. Her hair’s texture may look a little different v the adjust in altitude, humidity, and even the water you’re utilizing to wash your hair.

Health conditions

Certain health conditions can change the way that your hair texture looks, permanently or temporarily. Alopecia deserve to diminish the thickness of her hair, do it show up less wavy. Medications and treatments choose chemotherapy can also readjust the look and feel of her hair.


Finally, there’s the food the you eat and also the nutritional supplements the you take. Yes sir no magic food or vitamin the you can consume that will make her hair look at a particular way. Yet pursuing and prioritizing your wellness by eat a varied, well-balanced diet and also meeting every one of your nutritional needs can make a difference in how your hair looks.

When you at your healthiest, her hair might look shinier, fuller, and more natural, and your hair’s texture might vary accordingly.

Curly hair is established by components you inherit native your organic mother and your organic father. Yes no solitary gene the determines the method that her hair looks. The means your hair looks when you’re born is additionally a clue into the hereditary information you’d happen to her own children if you have actually them.

While your hair texture might vary throughout your life, that doesn’t typical that your DNA has changed. Factors like hormones, nutrition, and your atmosphere can make your hair fiber appear more curly or less curly throughout your lifetime.


Medically the evaluation by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — written by Kathryn Watson on respectable 12, 2021