Granulated garlic is one ingredient that deserve to be found in too many of different recipes because that a selection of different types of dishes.

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Garlic is able to lug flavor to practically any dish, and it is regularly used in mix with other herbs and spices.

Due come its popularity, you could find that if you space the type of person who cooks from house a lot, then your supply is to run low.

If this is the case, climate you don’t have to worry because there are lots of various options obtainable to usage as substitutes.


If friend can’t gain your hand on granulated garlic, it is most likely that you will have actually something lying roughly in her kitchen the you have the right to use as an alternative.

Garlic has been supplied for a really long time transparent history, so by now, there are plenty of choices for friend to select from.

Some could give you far better results 보다 others, yet you definitely don’t need to skip the end on the home-cooked meal that you had planned.

What is Granulated Garlic?

Before we acquire into every the different granulated garlic substitutes the there space out there, several of you might be wonder what granulated garlic is.

Garlic can be found in too many of various forms, and granulated garlic is just one of the many types available come use.

To acquire granulated garlic, new garlic cloves will be peeled and minced, and then placed in a slow-drying oven.

These dried out pieces of garlic do garlic flakes, and also these space then more ground under to make both granules and also a well powder.

These space what we describe as granulated salt and garlic powder, and also sometimes they deserve to be made right into other creates too.

Interestingly, girlfriend can additionally opt to make these you yourself at residence using her oven, but it will take lot longer and also will it is in a lot more work than just buying them indigenous the grocery store store.

What is the Difference between Granulated Garlic and Garlic Powder?

Though they room both made precisely the very same way, they room not the very same product. Both the these products have a completely different texture.

Granulated garlic is much much more coarse, whereas garlic powder is lot finer. The granules are additionally typically more expensive 보다 garlic powder, but it will likewise last for a longer period of time in storage.

Granulated garlic isn’t always as easily accessible as garlic powder, and also they are reasonably similar, i beg your pardon is why they room often confused with every other.

If friend are quick of one, you might be able to use the various other as a substitute, yet maybe not for every recipe. We will certainly explain an ext about this additional on.

Granulated garlic is used in so countless different recipes, because that a variety of purposes, and it can help to really carry the flavor of a dish together.

The garlic in this kind is lot sharper than some other types of garlic, and it can add this odor to every little thing you room cooking, even when it is only used in little quantities.

Some will certainly make the wrong of adding too lot granulated garlic, but due come the truth that the is so overpowering, this is something that you should more than likely avoid unless you really prefer garlic.

Can ns Substitute Garlic Powder because that Granulated Garlic?

You can, in fact, usage garlic powder instead of granulated garlic without any kind of problems.

Due come the reality that the powder is much finer, it will make no difference to the all at once texture of the dish, which can happen if you to be substituting the opposite means around.

These two ingredients are often contrasted to granulated sugar and caster sugar in terms of their consistency as soon as cooking.

Another thing that you need to note is that because this powder is lot finer than granulated garlic, you will should use less of that in the dish.

Ideally, you should half the amount the you space expected to use, otherwise, the garlic will certainly be much stronger than any kind of of the various other flavors that you have actually chosen come include.

Other Granulated Garlic Substitutes

Though garlic powder can be the best option to select from once it involves substitution, as it is recognized to occupational the best, girlfriend can also use some other forms of garlic together substitutes together well.

We are going to go through every one of the various other things the you have to know around for substituting granulated garlic, for this reason you can be aware of every one of your options.

Garlic Salt

Another different that friend should consider is garlic salt. Though it might not it is in the ideal substitute for every recipes that you space making, the can absolutely do the task for many of them.

Something that you should recognize when utilizing garlic salt is that if your recipe claims to include any extra salt, you need to avoid doing so.

Garlic salt will already create a high salt content in her dish, so including even an ext salt is likely going to completely ruin the food by make it way too salty.

Interestingly, garlic salt is comprised of one part garlic and three parts salt, so girlfriend really space getting an ext salt 보다 you may have bargained for.

This is why if you are using garlic salt as an different to granulated garlic, you have to not add anything else that is extra salty.

If you need ¼ the garlic granules for your recipe, then you must swap it out for one tespoon of garlic salt, i m sorry should provide you the perfect ratio.

Garlic Flakes

A garlic alternate to garlic granules is garlic flakes, which room a pretty accurate substitute in regards to the flavor that they can provide you with.

You need to note that once you are using garlic flakes, girlfriend should double the variety of garlic granules the you should have used.

So, for every one tespoon of garlic granules, you have to use 2 teaspoons that garlic flakes. Another good thing around garlic flakes is that when you soak them in water, they deserve to be supplied to replace fresh garlic.

Garlic Juice

An ingredient the most civilization tend come shy far from due to its super-strong odor is garlic juice.

While it can not be the most pleasant of ingredient to work with, it will certainly actually job-related well together a garlic instead of in certain circumstances.

Garlic juice is currently much an ext widely easily accessible to the public than it had actually previously been, and it is just the juice that has been extracted from the garlic itself, therefore it will certainly make a an excellent switch.

You will need to use half the lot of garlic juice that you would have used garlic granules, as it is much more potent. So, if girlfriend were supposed to use a teaspoon of granulated garlic, you must only use half a tespoon of garlic juice.

You might find the the in its entirety flavor isn’t a perfect match, as the procedure of obtaining both that these varieties of garlic is fairly different, but it have to be a close enough match.

As that is liquid-based, that can likewise make her mixture also runny in things choose sauces, so you can need to usage something else to thicken it up a little, however this can not constantly be the case.

All that these options will replacedried garlic, dehydrated garlic, garlic oil, wild garlic, garlic chives, crushed garlic, minced garlic, new garlic clove, garlic flake, and powdered garlic. Onion powder and also shallotare my standbys.

Frequently request Questions

Is granulated garlic the very same as garlic powder?

If you are cooking a fish that needs garlic powder only to uncover that you carry out not have any, you may wonder if you can use granulated garlic instead as a replacement. You might wonder if over there is really any type of actual difference in between these two. Realistically no, there is no real difference apart indigenous the texture. These two species of garlic are both make from dehydrated garlic, the powder has a good consistency favor flour vice versa, granulated garlic is an ext like cornmeal. However the taste and also the results are pretty much the same.

Granulated garlic is much less likely come clump in comparison come powder. It functions bell for dressings, sauces and also soups and combines well v liquids. Powder is much better as a marinade, and it provides a an ext intense garlic flavor. However, both of these can be provided interchangeably in plenty of cases.

How much granulated garlic is equal to a clove?

Granulated garlic is much like cornmeal in the consistency. It, alongside garlic powder, can conveniently replace fresh garlic cloves in any type of meal. However, because these types of garlic room dehydrated, friend will often get a lot an ext bang for her buck.

So if you were to use a full teaspoon of these in cooking, the would often equal a lot an ext than a single clove that garlic.

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If you are substituting one clove of fresh garlic for granulated garlic then you need to use a 4 minutes 1 teaspoon that granulated garlic in its place. If you to be to usage granulated garlic to replace 4 cloves of garlic, use a whole teaspoon.

Garlic powder is similar, but much much more powerful. If you are using garlic powder as a substitute then you have to only use one eighth that a teaspoon of garlic powder every clove that garlic. This is since garlic flour is a lot much more potent than granulated garlic

How execute you do granulated garlic?

To do granulated garlic you require to first of all peel the cloves the garlic and also cut castle up right into thin slices. Then dry the garlic slices in a preheated stove for two or three hours, or in the sun for 3 or 5 days. The slice need to look crisp, dry and also break an extremely easily then you have actually done this task well.

You have to then use a blender or a food processor in order come grind up the dry garlic slices into a fine powder until it starts come look much more like an oatmeal dish 보다 garlic.

Once this is done, spoon the ground increase garlic right into a clean and sterile jar and seal v a tight-fitting lid and store in a dark place. You must store in one airtight container therefore as no to lose any type of of the wonderful garlic stench and also flavor.