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One reason why you may want to keep the orange tip in is that it hides the flash when you fire. If you perform remove the tip, you might want to change it through a black flash covering instead.

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However, with few of the an ext expensive airsoft weapons, you may want to eliminate the orange tip to manipulate the 14mm threads under the tip.

This 14mm thread have the right to accommodate a totality bunch of barrel attachments. You can put in mock suppressors, sound amplifiers, and tracer units.


Can ns take the orange tip off my airsoft gun? Is the legal?

Most airsoft fans space actually law-abiding citizens, so this is a really common inquiry to ask.

According to details legal experts, the regulation requiring the consists of the orange pointer is technically uses only come manufacturers that based external the US. Once they offer or supply their replicas to the US, the replicas must have actually this orange tip.

However, some us manufacturers comply through this requirement as well. They perform this for the security of your customers, though it can likewise reduce their legal liabilities.

Technically speaking, yes nothing illegal around removing the orange reminder from your airsoft gun.

The much more pertinent inquiry is: have to you?

Safety Concerns

Of course, there’s a difference between what’s “legal” and what’s “safe”.

The allude of the orange reminder on the airsoft weapon is to represent more plainly that the gun isn’t real.

Without it, world can just assume you have actually a actual weapon in her hand. These civilization can encompass the police, who can shoot you when you’re holding together a weapon in their presence.

Of course, some might argue that also with the orange tip, the cops have the right to shoot you if she holding an airsoft gun.

Heck, cops can even shoot you as soon as you’re holding your cellphone.

Still, the orange guideline adds an extra layer of security protection, even if the doesn’t median all that much in a lot of cases.

If your son is using an airsoft weapon, you might want to store that orange guideline in. You never recognize if it provides a difference at some point.

Also, lot of of manufacturers won’t settle an airsoft weapon it is still under warranty if you eliminated the orange tip.

Types of Orange Tips

Let’s speak you have actually a an excellent reason come know how to acquire the orange pointer off a BB gun or Airsoft. Currently what must you do?

The required steps to removing the orange guideline depends top top its type. There room 3 varieties of orange advice in airsoft guns:

Orange flash covers do of plasticOrange speed covers do of metalGun barrel tips that room painted orange

Each kind of orange tip may require different ways to eliminate or hide it.

Several various Ways of obtaining Rid that the Orange Tip

See if any of these approaches will occupational for your airsoft gun:

You have an Orange guideline Made of Plastic or metal Screwed In

This is the easiest problem.

You only have to use a pair of pliers to unscrew the orange tip.Then friend can attach a black flash covering if you want.

The Orange reminder is Glued In

If the guideline is glued in, that a bit an ext involved:

You have the right to still use the pliers to remove the orange tip. It’s just that v the glue, you’d have to exert a little of brute strength to eliminate the tip.Afterwards, you may discover some bits of ingredient still glued in. You’d need to remove those bits, especially if you desire to placed in a new black speed cover.

Another basic Solution

You can always use black electric tape on the orange pointer to sheathe it.

However, this might not last as lengthy as you could like.

Painted Orange reminder (Using polishing Remover)

In this case, you simply need to remove the paint.

Ready some file towels and also a polish remover.Before noþeles else, remove the magazine, the barrel, the slide and the recoil spring within the airsoft weapon.Apply the polish remover top top the document towel, and rub this top top the orange paint. Take treatment that you nothing overlook any of the paint, consisting of the repaint in the tiny crevices that the weapon.Continue rubbing turn off the repaint using the polishing remover. This may take as long as 10 minutes.

For Removable Orange advice (Using non-corrosive fluid paint remover)

You can additionally use a non-corrosive fluid paint remover.

If your orange tip has actually a black-colored base, you can use this method:

Take out the orange pointer using the pliers.Use the non-corrosive fluid paint remover come soak part Q-tips or file towels.Use the soaked file towels to scrub the paint off the orange tip.

For Removable Orange advice (Using Spray Paint)

If the non-corrosive fluid paint remover no work, usage this method instead:

Take out the flash cover.Stand it against an upright support. This can be a little piece of wooden block or a cardboard piece.Use spray repaint (with the same shade as the remainder of the airsoft gun) to spray top top the tip. Use fast bursts of paint.Do this until the entirety tip is black. You might need approximately 3 coats of paint to do sure.Let the repaint dry prior to you touch it. Wait for an entire hour to it is in sure.Reattach the tip once it’s fully dry.

For Non-Removable Orange advice (Using Spray Paint)

You deserve to still use spray paint even if you can’t take the end the orange tip:

Use masking tape to cover the pistol barrel. Start at the leaf of the orange reminder to the create section.Use file to fill up the within of the barrel, therefore the spray repaint can’t acquire in.Spray the brand-new black color on the orange tip. Spray sparingly, to save the paint from running into the rest of the barrel.


With airsoft firearms looking a lot favor actual firearms, you may want to treat the whole concern as if you’re handling real firearms. That method your very first priority above everything else is all around safety.

So, you need to be absolutely certain that you have a great reason come take the end the orange component from the guideline of the barrel.

If you perform this, climate it’s a very great idea to never brandish the airsoft weapon exterior the home or a known airsoft field. You’ll just alarm people roughly you, and also there’s always a opportunity that you’ll obtain shot.

Just leaving it in ~ home, and then bring it come an airsoft field using a bag.

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Still, if friend do have a good reason, currently you know how to eliminate the orange guideline from an airsoft gun.