How plenty of times in your writing have actually you began a sentence with “because,” just to second guess yourself and also your grammar abilities?

While this is something the we room not usually taught in English class, it have the right to drastically readjust the top quality of her writing.

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Just prefer with “because,” it deserve to be confusing even if it is or not it is it s okay to start a sentence with various other conjunctions.

I want to easily outline this so that you can include even much more variety to her writing.

The purpose of a coordinating connect is to sign up with two words, clauses, or phrases. They are regularly used to join two independent clauses that might technically be broken up right into two stand alone sentences.

For example:

“We had pasta because that dinner but we had actually leftovers because that lunch.”

Each of this clauses can be their own independent sentences.

“We had pasta for dinner. We had leftovers because that lunch.”

In the an initial sentence, “but,” was offered as a coordinating associate to sign up with the two sentences.

But what about starting a sentence with “but?”

There are, in fact, seven various coordinating conjunctions the you deserve to use to begin a sentence:


Did I simply throw a wrench in her grammar concepts?

While lock are much less formal 보다 using various other conjunctive adverbs, you have the right to still use these to begin a sentence.

You might be more familiar with starting sentence with words like:


Oftentimes, the formal and less formal conjunctions can be used interchangeably in ~ the beginning of a sentence.

However, you have actually to consider your audience. Girlfriend don’t want your creating to sound too stuffy or also informal.

If you room writing scholastic papers or composing for various other professionals, then you will want to stick v the much more formal conjunctions.

But, if you are writing for a blog post, or younger audience, don’t gain too formal.

A work In Progress

If girlfriend haven’t figured it out already, creating is a skill collection that you need to continually develop.

Just because you have been a writer because that a really lengthy time, doesn’t necessarily typical that you room perfect, or even that great. No matter if you room a fiction writer, a copywriter, or you’re writing situation studies for businesses, over there is constantly something new to learn.

While many writers can think of grammar together this black and white concept and also that always has to be perfect, it’s really not.

That can have to be what castle taught united state in school, but that’s not exactly how it functions in the genuine world.

While there are many grammar ethics that writers must honor, over there are additionally many that deserve to be broken and rearranged.

Don’t be afraid to experiment through your writing and your grammar.

Challenge the rules and also throw convention the end the window.

If grammar is something the you continue to struggle with, take part time to focus on your editing and enhancing process.

You could additionally hire a expert editor to help critique her work. Yet don’t gain too bogged down in all the technical facets of your writing.

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Free you yourself to write and also get your article across, climate go back and worry about all the grammar and also technical ingredient later.