I've been yes, really wondering why Monkey D Luffy and Gol D Rogers are much more similar than Ace particularly with their appearances. I mean from an innocent standpoint will tell the its much more likely the Luffy is the kid of the pirate king than ace. However the difficulty is that us all understand that Luffy is the son of Dragon. I m sorry makes every little thing confusing to me. Is there any kind of theory sustaining that Garp and also Rogers space actually blood relatives? choose brothers? due to the fact that that's the just thing the I can think of right now. So please enlighten me my fellow nakama.

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They space both D's so correct they room related. Not brothers, however from the same family. Luffy looks favor Roger since Oda desires to attract parallels between the two.

Well, same family tree. However then who knows how many hundreds that years gotten rid of they are. That bloodline also has giants.

I see. Its simply that castle have much more similarity in personality and appearance. That's why ns thought maybe there was part theory saying that.

Ace is actually pretty like Roger indigenous what we know of Roger, an ext than Luffy.

But, Osa desires to have parallels between the former and future Pirate Kings. So, Luffy and also Roger space a many alike. Plus, castle are remote relatives native the D. Clan.

That's what I'm really hoping for. The point is, garp and roger has similarities too. I get it is the pirate king and Garp is the most powerful marine in his prime. The only marine that deserve to fight toe come toe with the pirate king. I was just maybe wondering perhaps Garp doesn't desire to expose that because he's a marine and also he's protecting his reputation.

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In appearances (other 보다 the parallels oda is going for) ace more from his mother, through the wavy hair, freckles and eyes. The just thing the takes from roger besides his sex is hair color


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