Fans might think that Sylvester Stallone and Milo Ventimiglia are related despite their different last names because of how they look. They have dark hair and uniquely crooked mouths. The actors have also worked together multiple times that it would make sense. So are they related? Here is everything to know about how the two actors are connected.

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Milo Ventimiglia and Sylvester Stallone aren’t related but Ventimiglia played his son because of their similarities


Sylvester Stallone and Milo Ventimiglia in Rocky Balboa | MGM

Milo Ventimiglia did say that the two looking alike, including having crooked mouths, was a big reason why he got the role of Rocky Balboa Jr. in Rocky Balboa. Stallone even gave him tips on how to act with it.

“Both of us, we have this problem when we talk; crooked mouths,” Ventimiglia told Movie Web. “I remember him telling me, ‘Make sure you’re mouth is warmed up because it’s cold out.’ You should see the two of us when we’re filming in Philly standing in front of heat lamps just moving our mouths. Which was nice because we got to bond on that. If it’s below 32 degrees we’re f*cked! Our face freezes up. He had a lot of great advice.”

Ventimiglia took over the role of Rocky Balboa Jr. after several actors played him before. One of which was Stallone’s real son, Sage Stallone. Now, why do the two actors have the same facial mannerisms?

The two actors’ mouths have been like that since they were born for different reasons

The reason why Milo Ventimiglia’s mouth is like that is that he was born with dead nerves in his lower lip. Sylvester Stallone’s lip comes from him being pulled out with forceps when he was born to speed things up, which severed nerves in his eyelid and lip, according to IGN.

Stallone’s mother, Jackie Stallone, revealed that doctors thought the damage would affect his physical ability in other ways. She said they didn’t think he’d be able to walk “but I decided he was going to walk, he was going to talk.”

Stallone left the door open for Ventimiglia to reconnect in the future


Sylvester Stallone in This Is Us | NBC

The two actors worked together after Rocky Balboa in This Is Us and Creed II. That’s mostly because Sylvester Stallone would tell Milo Ventimiglia “call me anytime” whenever they did see each other. So when the people behind This Is Us wanted Stallone to play a movie star in the show, they pushed Ventimiglia to call him personally.

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“I picked the phone up and called him,” revealed Ventimiglia to Vanity Fair “and he was very engaged and receptive and excited and the emails went back and forth. He still remains one of the funniest, most terribly intelligent men that I’ve ever known.”

In the end, Sylvester Stallone and Milo Ventimiglia aren’t related. So it’s pretty amazing given the very similar actors had their paths cross at the right time and stayed connected since then.

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