Lemon is a natural ingredient that is even used because that manicures. The citric acid in lemon can be really advantageous to remove nail repaint naturally.

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Add some liquid soap to lukewarm water and also soak your fingers in this soapy water for about 5 minutes.

Now take a lemon slice and also rub that on her nails. This will aid soften the nail polish and also make it come off easily.

The acidic nature of lemon can make your fingers dry. So, rub part moisturiser or oil to save your hands soft and supple.

2. White Vinegar

Just favor lemon, vinegar is also acidic in nature and can help breakdown the pigments of the pond polish. Girlfriend can even use a vinegar solution blended with lemon juice to do this DIY ingredient more effective.



First, soak the nails in warmth water because that 15 minutes.

Mix equal parts of lemon juice and also vinegar or take simply vinegar.

Use this mixture to remove your pond paint. Soak a cotton round in the solution and rub that on your nails.

You can likewise simply soak her hands in the vinegar and lemon mixture because that 15 minutes and then obstacle your nails v cotton to eliminate the pond paint.

Moisturise or apply nail oil afterward.

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3. Alcohol Or Alcohol Products

Alcohol is a great solvent to soften nail polish. Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol must be your very first choice. However, there are plenty of products that contain alcohol (ethyl glycol) and also can additionally be offered if you don’t have rubbing alcohol. Alcohol is a great solvent, yet it"s still not the same as acetone or toluene so it will take much more time 보다 nail polishing removers.

The more powerful the alcohol content the better a product will certainly work. You can try these products other 보다 rubbing alcohol:



Hand sanitiser

Spray-on deodorant



First, soak her nails in lukewarm water come soften the nail paint.

Wet a cotton round with alcohol or any type of of the products mentioned over and use it to wipe off the pond paint.

To keep your pond healthy, usage a moisturiser or a pond oil.

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4. Nail Polish

Although this sound wrong, nail polish in reality helps eliminate nail polish. Nail paint dries up because the solvents that keep it in liquid form evaporate if left exposed. As soon as you reapply a cloak of nail repaint again, the solvents soften the polish.