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The one exemption to this is kosher salt.

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Kosher Salt: is generally interchanged through pickling salt due to the fact that most are additionally pure salt v no additives or anti-caking agents. (Note: A few brands that kosher salt DO have actually other ingredients, so always check the label if you desire a clear brine. It need to only speak “salt” and also nothing else.) and also if girlfriend can uncover a “fine grain” kosher salt, every the better.

Kosher is the just salt ns will sometimes use as a instead of if ns am the end of pickling salt. The grains are not specifically the exact same size, yet kosher salt generally weighs about the very same as pickling salt.

Other Salts are Safe, yet Not Recommended:

Sea Salt and also Flake Salt: These 2 salts room the most generally asked about in canning. Back both of these salts space perfectly for sure to usage from a salt standpoint, they cannot be used interchangeably with pickling salt due to the fact that they measure out an extremely differently through volume. Their grains room shaped very differently indigenous pickling salt. (Sea salt has actually large, rarely often, rarely grains and flake salt is flat and stacks in a compact way.)

They just measure out in different way by volume than pickling salt. For the reason, it is no recommended that you substitute various other salt in canning recipes uneven you have the right to use a load measurement rather of volume. If you have the right to measure through weight, climate either of this salts would be fine.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is the if girlfriend can get pickling salt, to buy it! the is accessible anywhere the canning supplies are sold and is also available in food preparation stores and even online. It is by far the finest salt for canning. Remember, most recipes that room calling the end salt as an ingredient are proportioned because that pickling salt. That is constantly best to use that as an option #1 and also kosher salt as an option #2.

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Here in Los Angeles, I have the right to only find pickling salt at a limited number of shop – so I periodically buy that online.

How about you? space you may be to discover pickling or canning salt in your ar in her neighborhood?