Wouldn"t it, when the hydrogen atoms combine with the oxygen atom, be considered a mixture, because the atoms were linked to form a brand-new molecule?



A mixture is once two or an ext substances incorporate physically together.

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However, in water, 2 hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom chemically, creating a new substance that has properties various from hydrogen alone or oxygen alone.

For example, if you combine iron powder and also sulfur flour physically (just mixing them together without using heat), you can uncover that the mixture retains the nature of the original components, i.e. You deserve to still use a magnet to lure the iron inside the mixture.

However, if you warmth it up, the iron and also the sulfur would incorporate chemically, and also a new compound would certainly be formed, i m sorry we call "iron sulfur" ($ceFeS$). This is a new compound and loses the nature of the original compounds. For example, the is not attracted by magnets.

Therefore, water is no a mixture; that is a compound and it is pure.

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A mixture contains different compounds/elements. Pure water only contains 1 type of molecule/compound - H2O, making it a pure substance

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