I think that in no of the two sentences perform the words "him" or "he" act as a loved one pronoun, because that the straightforward reason that they are not family member pronouns. Instead, both sentences have actually an implicit loved one pronoun. The case of he/him have to depend on various other considerations, together as, the ideal case after ~ the linking verb, "is".

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It have to be simply a matter of i m sorry is more correct,

It is he


It is him

My Latin education and learning would have actually me pick the former. Yet my expertise of colloquial jajalger2018.org speak me that the phrase, "it was him", is typically used. Thus, I perform not know. Ns hope these words help explain my reasoning, without making mine reader an ext confused. I would certainly be interested to recognize what you grammar gurus think the my very first two sentences. Which is correct?

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"It is he" sounds really formal.

"It is him" is grammar correct and also is in common usage.

HE is offered for subjects and predicate nominatives.

HIM is supplied for objects of preposition, straight objects and also indirect objects.

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You might rephrase the sentence: ns relate to him many of all.

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