It"s Raining, It"s Pouring

Children"s Song

It"s raining, it"s pouring,The old man is snoring.He checked out bed and heBumped his headAnd the couldn"t get up in the morning.

It"s raining, it"s pouring,The old male is snoring.He visited bed and heBumped his headAnd he couldn"t acquire up in the morning.



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• Humpty Dumpty

• London Bridge

• The Itsy Bitsy Spider

• Ring roughly The Rosie

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Whoever the kids are in her life - her kids, her grandkids, your students, also yourself (in your heart) - kid Songs approximately The people is a wonderful way to help them experience various other languages and also cultures.We"ve gathered 100 the our favourite songs and rhymes from every the continents of the globe. (Over 350 pages!)Each song has the complete text in the original language, with an English translation, and most encompass sheet music. All incorporate links to internet pages wherein you deserve to listen come recordings, listen the track or watch a video performance.

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