the last few days which — in our house at the very least — way quite a couple of renditions the the standard nursery rhyme:

It’s raining; that pouring. The old man is snoring. He visited bed and bumped his head. and he couldn’t acquire up in the morning.

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And, as regularly happens once someone starts singing that rhyme, ns wonder: What does the last line average exactly?

Why couldn’t the old man acquire up in the morning? Did the die? fall into a coma? Or to be he just too lazy to get up?

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To my surprise, after ~ a fair little of time spent searching online — much too lot time, really — i couldn’t uncover a clear answer.

There were many sites where world asked the very same question, with dozens of world weighing in through their very own opinion.

But no definitive proof of what the yes, really intention of the initial song to be — at the very least in part, ns imagine, because the exact origins that the tune are unclear.

One of the few hints ns did uncover was in the Wikipedia entry on the song , which actually makes the critical lyric as: “And the wouldn’t acquire up in the morning.” Which, hopefully for the old man, suggests that he just didn’t want to get up, as opposed to no being maybe to.

And while ns didn’t find response to mine question, i did — in my search — stumble throughout a nice hilarious 2003 research from the Canadian clinical Association journal that complained the “several popular nursery rhymes portray head injuries together inevitable occasions that carry out not require medical follow-up.”


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The ar of the tongue-in-cheek paper on the old man in “It’s raining, it’s pouring” is particularly funny — and specifically addresses the confusion approximately exactly what happened:

There space two version The an initial version is presented above, but the 2nd one changes the sequence of events so that the old guy “bumped his head” then “went to bed.”

Obviously, creating the exact sequence of occasions is an essential to the development of a differential diagnosis.

If the elderly gentleman bumped his head after retiring for the evening, one is required to game potential foul play, seizure activity or even a postcoital MI (there is no proof to check the commonly held id that he was alone).

Also, it have to be detailed that he was “snoring.” could his death have been precipitated by significant obstructive sleep apnea?


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If he actually bumped his head prior to going to sleep, the list of potential instrument is endless, and also a great forensic examination is required to identify the reason of death.

The notoriously bad documentation of components precipitating head injury in nursery rhymes renders it difficult to recognize what really taken place in this case and others.

The CMAJ study likewise dissects the head injuries in 5 other nursery rhymes, including Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Hush-a-bye-baby and also 10 tiny Monkeys (you know, the ones who jumped ~ above the bed and also bumped your heads).

What about you? What perform you think occurred to the old man in the rhyme?

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