SN S 60Stevens eight Company, famed for its Tip-up Pistols, Boy"sRifles, and Ideal Target and Sporting Rifles, acquired its start atChicopee Falls, Massachusetts in 1864. Founder Joshua Stevens was aNew England toolmaker who had acquired experience in firearmsmanufacture if employed at miscellaneous times by C.

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Allen, EliWhitney, Samuel Colt, and Edwin Wesson. While employed asproduction superintendent for the Chicopee Falls-basedMassachusetts arms Co., he filed a successful patent insurance claim forimprovements to percussion pistols developed by this firm.Stevens obtained a patent for a tip-up pistol style during thesame year in i beg your pardon he, along with financial backers W. Fay andJames Taylor, started the company that boring his name. Back aproducer that firearms, J. Stevens and also Company"s primary source ofincome was acquired through the manufacture and sale the machinetools. The company"s early years were skinny ones, through productioncarried the end in a previous Chicopee falls grist mill by fewer than 60employees. Stevens and Co.

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Underwent an expansion in 1880, andin 1886, the firm readjusted its name to J. Stevens arms & ToolCo.The initial partners continued to hold principle property inthe company, also though lock had liquified their partnershipagreement. Ten years later, J. Stevens bookkeeper I.

Page boughtout the share of both Joshua Stevens and also James Taylor, thusbecoming the firm"s chairman and bulk owner. Under Page"sleadership, the Stevens Arms and also Tool agency underwent a period ofrapid expansion. Manufacturing facilities and payroll grewsignificantly, through factory room doubling between 1895 and also 1898,and the variety of employees enhanced to 150 throughout the sameperiod.Shortly ~ the dawn of the brand-new century, the firm, which nowemployed end 900 workers in a 270,000 square-feet manufacturingplant, asserted to it is in the biggest producer that sporting eight in theworld.

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In 1901, Stevens eight & device Co. Purchase the CataractTool & Optical agency of Buffalo, new York. After ~ relocatingthis new acquisition come Chicopee Falls, Stevens began to produceits own line that telescopic rifle and pistol sights. Stevens scopesincluded integral eyepieces and crosshairs that were sealed insolid dust- and moisture-proof brass tubes. This concept significant amajor advance in optical sights, together previous design employed aseparate eyepiece that was fastened to the border tube through severalscrews.

Stevens scopes likewise required no focus adjustment, together didthe commodities of competing firms. Optical sights ongoing to be apart of the Stevens line till the very first World War, as soon as thecompany marketed its interests come Lyman gun Sight company ofMiddlefield, Connecticut.As Stevens Arms and Tool Co. Ongoing its phenomenal growth,firearms replaced device tools together a revenue source. By 1915,Stevens Arms to be a leading manufacturer that smallbore target andhunting arms.

The firm developed offices in both new York andLondon, and on the europe continent, in Australia, theCaribbean, and also Latin America. The initial Stevens heat of spurtrigger tip-up single-shot pistols, tip-up rifles, and "pocketrifles" gave method to offhand target pistols and the highly-regardedIdeal rifle.These lever-action single-shot falling block rifles wereavailable in a selection of chamberings varying from.22 rimfire to.44-40 caliber. Choices included both round and also half-round/halfoctagonal blued barrels; casehardened actions; checkered deluxe-and select-grade walnut butt stocks and fore ends; shotgun,crescent, and also Schuetzen-style butts obtainable with or without acheek piece and/or pistol grip; double-set triggers; palm rest;Globe interchangeable interchangeable front sight; and Vernier tang rear peepsight. The single-shot best "Walnut Hill" No.

49 rifle representedthe pinnacle that Stevens eight products.In addition to its deluxe features, Walnut Hill rifles alsoestablished a reputation for accuracy, and also this combination ensuredthe success of this architecture for end fifty years. Original modelssometimes market for numerous thousand dollars in the currentcollectibles market. In between 1901 and also 1903, Stevens rifles wereavailable through special eight-groove barrels developed under thesupervision of understand barrelmaker take care of M. Pope.Some Stevens-Pope barrels were likewise made for the U.S.

Army"sKrag rifle. The Stevens-Pope commitment covered a period of fiveyears, yet a series of disagreements between the next causedPope to sever his relationship with Stevens arms in 1903. Riflesfeaturing Pope barrels and bearing the "Stevens-Pope" stamp on thebarrel top bring a premium among shooters and collectors. Stevensis perhaps ideal known because that their popular line of smallbore caliberrifles. The 4 -pound Stevens favourite featured interchangeablebreech blocks and blued barrels, and a casehardened receiverand walnut stocks. Alternatives included tang rear sights and also deluxecheckered wood.The favourite was offered in both Boys" and Ladies" Models.

The SureShot, cracked Shot, little Scout, Marksman, and also Junior riflesrepresented less-expensive entries in the Stevens product line, andthe agency also produced both pump and lever-action repeatingrifles, and also even shotguns. Throughout the first World War, the firm"smanufacturing facilities were turned over to brand-new EnglandWestinghouse firm for production of Moisin Nagant bolt-actionrifles for the royal Russian government.Although the firm once again underwent reorganization duringthis period, the Stevens manufacturing facility remained under the manage of NewEngland Westinghouse because that the remainder of the war, and thatcompany"s Moisin Nagant contract stood for the only period in J.Stevens corporate history that armed forces arms were produced in theChicopee falls plant.

Stevens eight Co. Came to be awholly-owned subsidiary the Savage arms Corporation as soon as it wasacquired through the Utica arms maker.Under Savage ownership, the Stevens line thrived to includebolt-action long arms. Parent agency Savage relocated itsoperations from Utica, new York come Westfield, Massachusetts in1960, in ~ which time the Stevens Arms factory in Chicopee Fallsclosed. Also though Stevens Arms has seen many alters over itshistory, the company"s name has actually survived, continuing in use up tothe current day.For a lengthy period, the Stevens name was every that continued to be of theNew England firm, however, this situation readjusted in 1999, whenSavage Arms as soon as again began to develop the Stevens favourite Rifleunder the designation version 30G.

Lyman make its first telescopic sights starting in 1929 after castle bought the telescopic sight businesses indigenous both Stevens and also Winchester.Began in 1864 together J. In 1872 started to make breech-loading shotguns. Brand-new England Westinghouse Co. Stevens to be operated together Incorp ( was also associated v Stevens, Meriden, new England Westinghouse and ). 1915 Incorp offered them come the brand-new England Westinghouse Co.

Which also bought the Meriden Fire eight Co. In 1916-20 Savage bought the J. Stevens eight Co. Which had been linked with, the in 1927 Savage bought the.

Later, to be bought by HD Folsom climate traded together Davis- (Crescent was produced out that the Beacon arms Co,- 1892) and in 1932 was bought. In 1930 to buy the. (More background below.) Also, the profession name main Arms agency was used by Crescent eight Co. Because that shotguns that were retailed v the Shapleigh Hardware company of St. REFERENCE publications (after 1950 view ):.CATALOGS (after 1950 view ):.

STEVENS guns AFTER 1950 see Savage Arms1853-1854 Bacon & Co.1855-Name adjusted to Bacon production Co.1858-Name readjusted to Bacon arms Co.1888-Bankrupt. All production stopped.1890-Amos Cobb, recipient died. All tools and also fixtures marketed to George W Cilly1892-Plant i do not care Crescent weapons Co.1893-Taken over by H&D Folsom eight Co.1930-Bought through J.

Stevens arms Co. (Savage owned Stevens due to the fact that c1924) name adjusted to Crescent-Davis arms Corp.Hopkins & Allen (Norwich, CT) to buy Forehand & Wadsworth in 1902.Hopkins & Allen to buy the heritage of Davenport after Mr.

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D died in 1903Hopkins & Allen to be bought by Marlin-Rockwell in 1916.Crescent arms Co. (of Norwich CT- developed 1892) was bought byHD Folsom Co in 1893 (merged v Davis Warner in 1930) then trading asCrescent - Davis till bought by J Stevens in 1932.Davis-Warner was formed by merger of NR Davis and Warner eight in 1917.RELATED CATALOGS:.