Applications are currently open because that SLPS seniors interested in the discover & knife Internship Program. All other program applications will open in December for summer programming.

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We think you have incredible potential and that the future of our workforce and our region depends ~ above you. We think your desires matter, and that her future is bright. We want to support you to specify viable careers, gain beneficial experience, get the training you need, and also contribute to your community and family.

We right now offer assorted programs to youth periods 15-24 transparent the year. Each routine is target at certain youth and has various requirements for eligibility, including attend to verification.

What You’ll must Apply

Double-check the causing obligation requirements before you begin

For learn & Earn: need to be a high school senior enrolled in a St. Luigi Public college (must have actually the accessibility code detailed by your school)For summer programming: eras 16-24 (by date of application) or age 14 through June 1stRequired applications items:Social defense numberValid email deal with you check oftenResume (CAP applicants only)Personal essay (CAP applicants only)Letter of referral (CAP and also Discover girlfriend applicants only)Transcript (CAP applicants only)After submitting an application, one STL Youth work representative will call you because that an intake. Throughout the intake, youth need to present every one of the adhering to documentation:Birth certificate OR social security cardPhoto i would (school ID, driver’s license, etc.)If your photo ID go not have actually your existing address, friend must show proof of her home address (utility bill, lease, etc.)Family income document


Paid project Opportunities

Learn & earn Internship program (SLPS seniors only) – APPLICATION now OPEN!Summer regime – applications open in December for:Discover girlfriend (14 & 15-year-olds)Career Accelerator regime (18 to 24-year-olds, routine alumni)Summer occupational Experience (16 to 24 -year-olds)


Find what suits you

Learn & earn Internship routine (SLPS Seniors Only)For standard St. Louis Public schools high school seniors. Provides paid feather internships, mentorships and also assistance with solidifying their short article high institution college and also career plans.Discover YouCareer exploration, job shadowing, and money monitoring skill-building. Age 15 (by June 1st).Summer & loss Work ExperienceJob readiness training, financial proficiency training, and also a summer job based on your interests and abilities. Eras 16-24.Career Accelerator Pathway (CAP)Job readiness training, financial literacy training, and also professional work-related experience straight related to career interests and also goals. Ages 18-24, for program alumni, enrolled in post-secondary education.

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Visit our Youth faqs to learn much more about our application process, timeline, intakes, task placements, and an ext about the program. If friend still have actually questions, please email us and also staff will respond within 24 hours.

A civic collaboration providing systematic employment avenues for at-risk youth in St. Louis, MO