Outside that high schools throughout the world, there might not it is in any place whereby relationships fuel gossip like those including celebrities. Include a Kardashian come the mix, and also that rumor mill only gets louder.

Now, take one of the world’s greatest soccer players, and also that might potentially break the internet. This taken place in 2010 when Kim Kardashian West briefly date Cristiano Ronaldo. However, it might not have reached the levels it would have just a couple of year after. 

Kim Kardashian and the celebrity dating scene


Kim Kardashian West | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Kardashian can be the definition of somebody who is famous for gift famous. She came onto the scene as the daughter of the so late Robert Kardashian, a lawyer who rose to prominence thanks to his authorized in the OJ Simpson trial. However, from she late-teenage years, Kardashian started her journey into worldwide name using the exact same rumor mill that numerous celebrities dread. 

First, she was known mostly for her friendship v Paris Hilton and also a sex-tape through pop star ray J. In 2007, however, she and her family debuted onKeeping up through the Kardashians,and their lives were never the same. Kardashian garnered attention no issue what she did. She parlayed she fame right into modeling gigs, exhilaration gigs, music gigs, and television appearances everywhere.

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Consistent through every one of this, however, was her dating life. Native Ray-J to Reggie bush to NBA player Kris Humphries, Kardashian’s date life ended up being fodder for rumor mills, jokes, and headlines about the world. Perhaps, then, it could be how amazing to recognize that she once dated Ronaldo to reasonably little fanfare past instant reactions.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo? 

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Ronaldo has been ~ above the soccer scene since the was simply a teenager. A promise young possibility out of Portugal, Ronaldo acquired bit through the soccer bug early top top in life and never looked back. By the time that he to be a teenager, he was already showing a star-level talent that did not go unnoticed because that scouts throughout the world. He made his name at Sporting Clube de Portugal prior to signing his very first major resolve soccer powerhouse Manchester United. No he nor football was ever the same. 

For number of years, Ronaldo was among the finest players in the Champion’s League and also the global soccer team. However, in 2009 he relocated to genuine Madrid for an astounding $131 million carry fee. There, he led the team to the championship, and also for eight year he to be the challenge of the franchise. However, in 2018, he relocated to the Italian football team Juventus, wherein he remains until this day. 

Ronaldo could not be quite as big in America as he is roughly the world. Still, also then, many Americans likely understand who the is by name alone. This worldwide celebrity status has actually made him, like Kardashian, the target because that tabloid attention. His date life is likewise scrutinized, too.

When Cristiano met Kim

In 2010, the rumor mill was abuzz, per the everyday Mail, once Kardashian, who was still on her increase to becoming the worldwide name she is today, was viewed canoodling with Ronaldo in Spain. Ronaldo, who previously dated Kardashian’s ex-friend Paris Hilton. World reportedly saw Kardashian and Ronaldo embracing around Spain before Kardashian, who was fresh turn off a break-up with Bush, flew ago to America. 

The relationship was brief, and if it occurred today, it might have to be a much bigger deal. Regardless, the two, at the very least, invested some time together a decade ago. Both have actually moved on. Kardashian is married to rap superstar Kanye West, although theirrelationship may easily be relocating south.Ronaldo, top top the other hand, recently had his fourth child v girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

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Lots has changed in the last decade, but both Kardashian and Ronaldo stay in the spotlight, nonetheless. This partnership says less about them, however, than it does the way that culture obsesses end the relationships of celebrities approximately the world.