Windell Middlebrooks remains etched in ours memories together Kirby Morris, the security guard ~ above a cruise ship in ‘The Suite Life on Deck.’ However, he’s equally famous as the shipment guy in the müller High Life beer ads. Windell’s character would certainly confiscate the müller beer indigenous the locations where he understood it would certainly be a threat to the high life. V two iconic roles, everyone satellite up and took an alert when the tragically passed away at the period of 36.

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On in march 9, 2015, Windell was uncovered unconscious in his mountain Fernando valley home. He was pronounced dead by the moment he was required to a Los Angeles hospital. One autopsy to be performed, i m sorry revealed that the reason of fatality was a pulmonary embolism. The is a problem where one or much more arteries in the lungs become blocked through a blood clot. Return Windell’s weight was thought to be a contributing factor, his family proclaimed that he was healthy and also had no far-reaching medical worries at the moment of his death.

Windell’s household posted the news the his demise via his facebook account. Castle said, “The Middlebrooks, through sorrowed hearts, announce the passing of a young, black star. Windell took his last bow and, with good joy, exited phase left in the at an early stage morning of in march 9th, 2015. It to be Windell’s best wish the his last scene not be live on society media. More details will be forthcoming as soon as the family members members plans have actually been finalized. In ~ this time, we have no further information for the press and also ask that an are is given to his family and also friends in your time the mourning.” You can see the write-up here.

Out that respect because that Windell’s family, his co-stars just took to society media come memorialize the character of Kirby Morris. The character remains loved for his affinity towards quick food as well as rats and mice. Stars favor Cole Sprouse put up posts saying they’d miss out on Windell. You can see it here.

#WindellMiddlebrooks RIP, miss out on you already.

— Cole M. Sprouse (
colesprouse) march 10, 2015

Brenda Song, that plays London Tipton, expressed her heartbreak over the news. You can see the tweet here.

I to be so extremely heartbroken#WindellMiddlebrooks

— Brenda song (
BrendaSong) march 11, 2015

However, that was probably Debby Ryan, recognized for play Bailey Pickett, that hit the pond on the head around how every castmembers felt. She stated that Windell was like a light to the entire crew, and he’d be loved forever. You can see the write-up here.

rest in peace Windell Middlebrooks, our “Kirby”. You to be a irradiate to the whole Suite Life crew and also cast and also we’ll forever love you.

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— debbyryan (
DebbyRyan) march 10, 2015

Apart indigenous his much more notable roles, Middlebrooks has likewise appeared in shows favor ‘Entourage’ and also ‘Scrubs.’ He was also component of the regular cast on ‘Body the Proof,’ which ran native 2011 come 2013. His last appearance was in ‘Road Hard,’ a movie which premiered three days before the disastrous demise. The is clear that Windell Middlebrooks touched several lives during his brief time top top earth, and also he will certainly be missed by his family, friends, and colleagues.