There are 200 yellow bricks to be discovered and collected in this Lego game. As soon as you have discovered them all you deserve to gain access to a bonus level in Borgin & Burkes, in Diagon Alley. If you want to collect all of the characters then you are going to need to find every one of these bricks. When you do access the bonus level, you will unlock a character that cannot it is in found any other way, Voldermort. For her benefit, I have actually compiled a finish list of where to fins every the bricks.

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Many of the gold bricks can be found by achieving particular things transparent the game and will not require you to go looking for them. The list below shows friend a break down of wherein the bricks are found.

24 bricks are offered for completing every of the levels within the game in story mode.24 bricks are provided for achieve true sorcerer’s in every of the levels.24 bricks are offered for perfect the house crest every of the levels.50 bricks are offered to you for each the the students in danger that you find. (24 in levels, 26 roughly Hogwarts).10 bricks are provided for completing the bonus level in Gringotts bank.12 bricks have the right to be bought native Eyelops Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley.4 bricks are discovered in the Leaky Cauldron basement by building the models.15 bricks are offered to you because that completing lessons in story mode.37 bricks can be uncovered while free-roaming around Hogwarts.

The table below will present you what lessons throughout the story will certainly unlock gold bricks. More down the article is an additional table listing every the bricks to be discovered while free-roaming.

Wingardium Leviosa (Charms, Yr1)Lumos (Charms, Yr1)Strength medicine (Potions, Yr1)Lumos Solem (Herbology, Yr1)Broomstick flying (Flying lessons, Yr1)Mandrake taking care of (Herbology, Yr2)Immobilus (Defence versus the Dark Arts, Yr2)Expeliarmus (Dueling Club, Yr2)Polyjuice potion (Potions, Yr2)Riddikulus (Defence against the Dark Arts, Yr3)Divination (Divination, Yr3)Buckbeak handling (Care of miracle Creatures, Yr3)Expecto Patronum (Defence versus the Dark Arts, Yr3)Aging medicine (Potions, Yr4)Reducto (Defence against the Dark Arts, Yr4)

There are one more 37 bricks that need to be uncovered while free-roaming about the school. The information below will present you wherein they are and how to acquire them.

When you have actually Reducto, use it to break the pipes upstairs. You will find beyond it, a maze ~ above the wall surface with a tiny object in the bottom left corner. You should navigate the round through the maze, climate hit it through magic once it is free. This will revolve it into a snail that will crawl increase the wall, leaving the brick behind it.

To get this brick friend will need to follow several steps and have a couple of characters unlocked. An initial you need to open the gate on the appropriate side the the room with 3 green keys. The an initial can be obtained by making use of Polyjuice potion to turn into a Hufflepuff character tyo acquire the vital from the portrait. Because that the third key, girlfriend will need to use Wingardium Leviosa on the left hand gargoyle behind the giant snake statue. This will offer you some blocks which girlfriend can construct into a Griphook safe. Readjust into griphook and also turn the lock till the an essential drops down. As soon as the door is open, build the bricks that were behind it, therefore you can climb as much as the ledge on the left. You will certainly then need to go up there through an adult character so you deserve to cross the age line and get the brick.

Between the 2 Defence versus the Dark arts classrooms, over there is a giant H ~ above the wall surface and some blocks on the floor in former of it. Use Wingardium Leviosa to location those blocks into the H and also a silver crest will certainly be revealed. Rest the crest v Reducto to reveal an pet run. Girlfriend will require to relocate a piece right into place with Wingardium Leviosa, then relocate an pet through the run to break the chain in the top left hand corner.

Break 7 silver- object provided below.Near the rune cabinet, hosted up by a pixieIn the rune cabinetIn a blue cage top top the appropriate side of the roomSmash the wall beside the blue caseHeld by another pixie, next to the blackboardOn the floor in the center of the roomBeing held by a Devil’s Snare plant on the left hand wall

Enter the mystery area by making use of dark magic on the gate under the stairs. Cross the room by removed the pixies, then go down the stairs and twin back on yourself, clearing much more pixies as you go. When you reach the door in ~ the other end, friend will uncover two more pixies, each holding a column. Get rid of both the these and a frosting will loss down with the brick.

To gain this brick you must complete Transfiguration. To execute this, each character in turn, should walk right into the stated area and readjust two dummies right into animals. Once all three personalities have readjusted two dummies each, the brick will certainly unlock.

To finish this task, and get the brick, you require to readjust three dummies in every track into animals. As soon as three animals have gotten in each cage the brick will certainly appear. If you permit a fake to cross the heat at the end of the monitor without being transfigured, the count on that cage will be reset. You carry out not have to do this for each personality you room controlling, as you did in the critical room.

Use dark magic to ruin the fake to the left of the pendulum, then jump on the broom and also fly roughly collecting groups of gold and also blue studs together they appear. You have to collect all 5 studs in one group, before the following one will certainly appear. When all the studs are collected, the brick will certainly appear.

Get up onto the ledge above and fight the portrait on the appropriate hand wall. This will provide you a purple cog, which you require to ar on the wall surface next come the portrait. Now go the the left hand wall and usage a Parceltongue (such together Harry or Voldermort), to communicate with the line on the wall. After ~ a small cutscene girlfriend will check out the brick.

You must obtain up to the ledge above and find the portrait ~ above the left hand side, hit it with magic and also some lego bricks will certainly become accessible to you. Currently go come the right and open the rune cabinet because that some green bricks. Construct the bricks into hands for the big clock, then usage Wingardium Leviosa. One of the other personalities will move the various other hand (or player 2 if you space in coop). Hold them right into position till both hands are pointing to a little coloured square the matches them.

Go upstairs where you will find a portrait top top the left hand wall surface and a tiny pink feather close to it. Use Wingardium Leviosa ~ above the feather i beg your pardon will an outcome in you gaining some bricks. Build them up and you will find the brick.

On the ideal hand side of the room, downstairs, you will find three tiny brown parcels ~ above the floor. Each parcel has actually a small amount that colour to it, red, green and blue. You need to ar the parcels in the correct Owl hole over it for the brick.

In the center of the field is a big chest. Hit it v Reducto to break the lock and some hoops will certainly fly out. Jump on a broom and also fly v each hoop to disclose the brick.

If you look over the earmuff cabinet you deserve to see the brick. Jump onto the potted plant alongside the cupboard, then jump ~ above the cupboard and also you have the right to reach the brick.

When you leave the castle and head external (where you uncover Hargid’s hut), friend can uncover three large grey stones that must be raised and cleaned because that hte brick. The very first is extended with Devil’s Snare so you must use Lumos to cost-free it. V that done, use WIngardium LEviosa to relocate it into place, where you will uncover a broom in front of it. Usage this to clean the muck the it. The 2nd rock will should be fight by a order to cost-free away the rubble around it, then raised and also cleaned. The final rock has actually just collapse over, for this reason lift it into place and also clean it for the brick.

When you first come down the stairs you will check out a fishing pole on the ground. Use Wingardium Leviosa come reel in some bricks, then build them into some frogs. Once the frogs jump right into the water you will check out some plants come up. Jump onto a frog and also swim with the plants together they appear. The brick will be provided to you when you complete the race.

This brick is quite involved. Friend will need to build a giant salt shaker to attend to the slug that Ron keeps burping up. To start with, use Wingardium Leviosa top top the cauldron in former of you. Next, have an pet dig ~ above the point out in the optimal right hand edge of the garden to i found it some more pieces of the salt shaker. Next, destroy the three pumpkins at the back of the garden to reveal a small seed. Plant it and use Wingardium Leviosa ~ above the watering can nearby to find much more pieces. To find another piece, walk the best side of the garden and find the mole. Hit it through a spell and also it will move to one more spot. Store hitting it until you get a piece of the shaker. Now, find the picnic basket on the right and also hit it to lay a ceiling down. Currently use magic top top the basket again and you will find more of the shaker. Finally, build the shaker up and you will obtain the gold brick.

For this brick friend will need to hatch Norbert from his egg. Start by making use of an animal to dig on the spot alongside where Hagrid starts and you will find a scarecrow’s head. Usage Wingardium Leviosa to location it ~ above the scarecrow. Destruction up the ground just in prior of the scarecrow and destroy the pumpkins you uncover, then develop the bar they leave behind. Pull the lever and the scarecrow will certainly go nuts, ruining stuff as it goes. Build what is left behind, then use Wingardium Leviosa to location the egg right into what friend built.

Use the bench in former of the time to rise up on height of it. Go to the left side of the tent and use Wingardium Leviosa to release the quaffle (red ball). This will slide down and also reveal the brick.

Use an animal on the destruction spot beside the bandstand. Construct the bricks that come out that it into a podium and find the book leaning against the bandstand. Use Wingardium Leviosa to ar the publication onto the podium, then use it again on the book to make the instruments jiggle. Keep spreading until the brick appears.

Entrance Hall

Hit 6 floating candles approximately the room v magic.

The Library (The restricted Section)

You must find and hit, 3 brown sorcerer’s hats. The very first one, you have the right to get kind some pixies in the left hand corner. Get rid of them and you will see the hat. To reach the second one, usage the yellow publication on near the door to obtain up to the ledge above and that is relaxing on the railing. Prior to you run down, grab part earmuffs out of the cabinet then autumn down and also go under opposing ledge ~ above the right side of the room. Find a red book on the shelf and also hit it v magic come knock that down. Use Wingardium Leviosa to tip out it’s materials then dig up what it pipeline to create a ladder. Walk up and also place the Mandrake into it’s pot, climate you can hit the critical brown hat on the left hand bookshelf.

Enter the secret area below the great by utilizing the Griphook for sure to open up a hatch in the floor. To walk left slightly and light your wand v Lumos. Here you will watch some grates on the floor. If friend walk straight over one you will certainly be knocked down and have to start again. Walk in between the grates and also you will come to a suggest where mechanical pets keep sliding into your path. You need to obtain through these and enter the room past them. In this new room, usage Lumos to eliminate the Devil’s Snare holding the chain top top the right of the exit. As soon as you execute this it will certainly switch to the various other side. Usage Lumos again and you will gain the brick.

Use Reducto top top the large padlock on the floor to go into a mystery area. Walk front a quick distance until you discover two huge white balls. Break both open and also use Wingardium Leviosa to move the piece onto the dragon whereby they belong. Run onto the dragon head and it will certainly throw you ago up come the room over and you will obtain the brick.

Unfold 4 house banners with magic, 2 either next of the enntrance gate to the great hall, 2 either side of the stairs.

Along the five tables over there are six jugs of pumpkin juice, each through two goblets. Hit all six and also the brick will certainly appear. To obtain the brick you need to go to the far finish of the four long tables and also find a stack of key on three of the 4 tables. Hit each one and also they will kind three platforms for you to with the brick.

At the base of the staircase, find the portrait the a quidditch player stop a quaffle. Hit it v a spell and the round will relocate off to an additional portrait. Keep going increase the stairs and also just past the muggle researches classroom you will find one more quidditch portrait. Hit that one and also the round will move off again. Head back down 2 flights that stairs where a 3rd quidditch player has actually the ball. Hit him and it will fly every the method to the peak of the stairs. Go all the means to the top and you have the right to pick up the brick.

Walk to the centre of the room and also find the locked chest. Fight the padlock through Reducto and also you can obtain the brick.

For this brick, you will require to find three rabbits to gain the car running. The an initial can be discovered in the TV on the right. Fight it four times v a spell and also the rabbit will certainly pop out. To obtain the second one, walk the right and also find a portrait alongside the door. Struggle it and a letter will pop out. Put the letter in the write-up box beside it and the rabbit will come out of that. The last bunny is beside the write-up box. Friend will discover three piece of furniture that you can stack ~ above the purple floor. Usage that to run up ~ above the bookshelf and also hit package on peak of it. As soon as the final rabbit is out, the auto will leave and the brick will certainly be left behind.

Common Room Corridor

Hit 5 home flags hanging ~ above the wall surface with magic because that the brick come appear.

Gryffindor Boy’s Dormitory

Hit each of the four poster beds with magic so their tops fly off and the brick will appear over one of the beds, i m sorry you deserve to jump on to with the brick.

Gryffindor Boy’s Dormitory (Time Turner)

Open the chest alongside the bed on the left and also jump in that to obtain the brick.

Ravenclaw common Room

You need to uncover 5 Yellow books and hit each one with magic. The an initial one is bouncing up and down near the child asleep on the sofa. Fight the thing it is bouncing on, climate you deserve to use Wingardium Leviosa to put it ago on the shelf. When it is top top the shelf, struggle it with a spell. To the best of the last one you have the right to see a little box jumping about a little. Hit it v magic and also you will then have the ability to put that book back so you have the right to hit it through a spell. A third book deserve to be found already sitting on the shelves. Go into the following room and hit the 2nd bed struggle the second bed girlfriend come to. This will fly off an interpretation you have the right to hit the book. Perform the exact same with the last publication in the row, however hit the publication while the bed is floating. The brick will appear ago in the typical room because that you to collect.

As soon as you get in through the fruit portrait, you will check out a silver- padlock beside you. Hit it v Reducto, then use WIngardium Leviosa to offer the cake come the portrait above it.

Look for the black color trunk at the foot that the 2nd bed top top the left. Struggle that and the water in the center of the room will start to bubble. As soon as the students jump in the brick will certainly appear.

Destroy the cage next to the heat of owls at the back of the shop. Develop the pieces into a sweeper ride-along and jump on it. Move around the room and also sweep up every the owl droppings on the floor to gain the brick. Some human being can battle with this one. If friend do, look at the floor closely and also see if you have actually missed some. Many often human being miss some by the door.

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As shortly as you get in the shop, jump behind the counter next come the door and the brick is behind there.