This is the very first single indigenous 2009 American Idol winner Kris Allen"s debut major label album. The song was premiered on the Elvis Duran present from brand-new York radio terminal Z100. As soon as it was played, it was the very first time the Allen had ever heard among his song on the radio.

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The track was initially recorded by irish pop rockers, The Script and featured on the Japanese version of your self-titled debut album. Allen said MTV News that the tune had actually been earmarked together a single once he started working on his post-Idol album ago in May. The explained: " was actually one the we had listened to really early on, and we sort of just dropped in love v it. Anyone did."
Regarding the lyric, "So if your life flashed before you / What would you wish you would have done?," Kris admitted come MTV News that if the were suddenly on his way out, "I wish ns would have skydived." he explained: "It"s random, but I have constantly wanted to. I"m really scared to, but I think that it would be the best rush."
Allen called Reuters: "It"s got a really jumpy chorus that i feel civilization can really acquire into, revolve the home windows down in your car and also sing in addition to it."
Allen recalled come Billboard magazine the filming the the song"s music video: "It to be really funny shooting that - we shot that from 8 p.m. Till 8 a.m. Therefore it to be an all-night point with no breaks. collection up like a digital clock, but it"s huge, it"s this monstrous thing-like 25 feet tall and also who knows how long. I acquire to host a flare, which to be pretty cool. I ended up throwing that at people on set. ."

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Jtxgasmaskkid from new Castle , PaLive life to the fullest. TBH, i really didnt choose this song, or this genre in general.Tim from new Castle, Paeveryones mission in life is to die, from the time we room born till the moment we dice we have to live life come its fullest and to acquire the finest in life.Cassie native Pittsburgh, Pathis song means that we must live our stays to the fullest. We room only provided one life for this reason we should cherish it prior to its also late and also we space left through nothing.Shane from new Castle, PaThis track tells united state sinply come live every day like its ur last. Don"t just sit inside and also waste the work away, live every day to the fullestBilly from new Castle, Pai think this song way live your life just how you want to live and live everyday like it is your lastTim from Turkey, BhutanNo one knows just how much time we have actually left to live, for this reason you have to make the many out of her time that you can.JRSMNew CastleBrittany from brand-new Castle, Palife is really too short, my translate of this tune is the we must all perform what us want once we went, dont organize back. Actually, live prefer your dying. That upbeat.Jewel from new Castle, PaWell, the truth that he is an extremely attractive made me more interested in the video. The post that the is singing of, is come live prefer you"re dying, so live daily like it"s the last and take chances, and also the tone isnt in any means depressing even though the title may fool you. It"s actually a an extremely up tempo beat.Brittney from new Castle, Pai think this track is around living day-to-day like it"s your last. Take opportunities on things, and also stop worrying about the stupid points that room not important.Abbey from new Castle, Italyto me, this song method that life is short. Friend only have one life to live. Live it to the fullest. The song likewise reminds me that how fast graduation is commin up. Were did every this time go? Life go by fast. Live it up :) no regretsLiah from brand-new Castle, PaThis track tells us that we must not take it life for granted and appreciate every little thing that we haveSierra from new Castle, Pamt translate of this tune would be saying the life is brief so live it come the fullest, not just think of what you desire to perform and achieve but acually do it, you only live one time and also you need to do whatever that you can while you can!see more comments
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