The today-famous Australian air transport was established at the beginning of the 20th century under the surname “Western Queensland Auto Aero services Limited”. And the surname Qantas was born from the abbreviation.

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Meaning and also history


1920 – 1930


The largest Australian Airline gained its name from the an initial letters that its initial title, and also the first logo was a straightforward capitalized inscription, where all the letters were be separate by little solid squares.

The custom sans-serif typeface the the nameplate looked stylish and modern. The thick lines and pointed angles of the letters’ tails include a progressive and also sharp feeling, making the logo memorable.

1930 – 1944


The 2nd logo, draft in 1930 was totally different. It was written of a black contour of the Australia continent, attached in a double circular frame with 2 red wings spread to both sides. The wordmark to be placed between two one of the framing, about its perimeter.

The wings were executed in thin red lines, drawn an extremely detailed, and also looked light and also sophisticated, balancing the brutal and also solid monochrome badge.

1944 – 1947


The Kangaroo the was provided in the very very first Qantas logo design was influenced by the picture on the Australian one penny coin. In 1944 Qantas made decision to depict the kangaroo on its Liberator aircraft, which was hardly a surprise, acquisition into factor to consider that the this firm Indian s passage was dubbed the Kangaroo Service. That was far from what us all recognize now, yet still a really friendly and even poignant emblem. The animal, facing left was attracted in white and placed inside a camel-brown circle, with the white wordmark approximately its perimeter.

The logo evokes a feeling of kindness and also a an extremely welcoming feeling, celebrate the background of the company, the motherland, and also its key symbol.

1947 – 1968


The flying Kangaroo emblem to be designed in 1947. The blue and white biology is placed on the globe, enforcement in the same shade palette. The Kangaroo is enlarged in comparison come the globe, and also its white wings room elongated to the right. This insignia is the basic for all the complying with versions, a important iconic symbol.

1968 – 1984


The globe was eliminated from the logo design in 1968. The flying Kangaroo was now encountering right and also placed within a red one frame. The wordmark appeared under the emblem. Composed in a bold black sans-serif typeface. The elongated sleek lines of the pet image are perfectly well balanced by solid and also confident lettering, do the whole picture modern-day and powerful.

The new red, white, and black shade palette the the Qantas visual identity is a brilliant reflection the the passion and also progressive technique of the company.

1984 – 2007


The Kangaroo’s wings are removed and also now it is attracted in white and also laced within the red triangle, resembling the airplane’s tail and wings. The wordmark is enlarged and placed on the right of the emblem, being the key hero the the new concept.

The bolder sans-serif engraving is slightly italicized, which makes the insignia look an ext elegant and friendly.

2007 – 2016


The redesign the 2007 was organized by Hulsbosch architecture bureau. The currently of the creature room elongated and also the typeface is replaced by a totally new smooth and also curved sans-serif. The black color is adjusted to gray, which softens the emblem, making it more luxurious.

2016 – Today


The transport redesigned its logo design again in 2016. This time in collaboration with Houston Group. The triangle it s okay rounded arched lines and a brand-new gradient color palette, while the nameplate is ago to black color color.

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The brand-new inscription is created in a custom modern sans-serif font with smooth an intricate letters, mirroring the high quality of the that company services, its gradual character, and attention to its customers.