"ls" is not known as an interior or external command, operable regime or batch file.I obtain this error when I shot to glance at the papers of my folder.

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cmd opened up regularly(not as an admin).


I"m reasonably certain that the ls command is for Linux, not windows (I"m assuming you"re making use of Windows together you described cmd, i beg your pardon is the command line because that the home windows OS).

You have to use dir instead, i m sorry is the Windows equivalent of ls.

Edit (since this article seems come be acquiring so plenty of views :) ):

You can"t usage ls top top cmd as it"s not shipped v Windows, yet you can use it on various other terminal programs (such as GitBash). Note, ls could work on part FTP servers if the servers are linux based and the FTP is being supplied from cmd.

dir on home windows is similar to ls. To find out the various options available, simply do dir/?.

If friend really want to use ls, you could install 3rd party devices to permit you to operation unix commands on Windows. Together a program is Microsoft home windows Subsystem because that Linux (link to docs).

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We have the right to use ls and many other Linux regulates in Windows cmd. Simply follow these steps.


1) download Git in your computer system - https://git-scm.com/downloads.

2) After installation Git, go to the folder in which Git is installed. Mainly it will be in C drive and then Program papers Folder.

3) In Program files folder, you will uncover the folder called Git, discover the bin folder which is inside usr folder in the Git folder.

In mine case, the ar for bin folder to be - C:Program FilesGitusrin

4) include this location (C:Program FilesGitusrin) in route variable, in system environment variables.

5) You room done. Restart cmd and try to operation ls and also other Linux commands.

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If you want to use Unix shell regulates on Windows, you deserve to use home windows Powershell, which contains both Windows and also Unix commands as aliases. You can find an ext info on that in the documentation.

PowerShell supports aliases come refer to regulates by alternative names. Aliasing allows users with suffer in other shells to use usual command names the they already know for comparable operations in PowerShell.

The PowerShell equivalents may not develop identical results. However, the outcomes are close sufficient that users have the right to do work without discovering the PowerShell command name.

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answered january 23 "20 at 18:18

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when you usage windows together operating mechanism you should write dirand girlfriend will uncover all folders including empty folders and also their data bytes storage

and you deserve to use git ls-files to display all folders yet not including hidden folders

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answered may 12 at 22:22
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