Lucy Hale has had actually her same share of relationship over the years. When she’s maintained a few of her romances under wraps, some of her earlier relationships were on full display for every to watch — consisting of the one she had with a Disney Channel star earlier in the late 2000s.

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Lucy Hale’s ‘Wizards that Waverly Place’ co-star was one of her first boyfriends

Before landing the function of Aria Montgomery in Pretty tiny Liars, Hale was similar to every various other young talent in Hollywood, browsing high and also low for methods in the to chat industry.

Shortly after relocating to Los Angeles at the period of 15 in the hopes of obtaining a document deal, Hale started auditioning and also received minor duties in tv shows favor Drake & Josh, How ns Met your Mother, The O.C., and Ned’s Declassified school Survival Guide.

In 2007, she appeared in the an initial season the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place. Hale shown Miranda, a “goth” high institution student who gets partnered v actor David Henrie’s personality Justin Russo in biology lab.

Though she play his love interest on the show, Hale also captured Henrie’s heart in actual life, and also the two began dating while working together.

David Henrie and Lucy Hale |Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

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The pair were in a relationship for over two years before eventually walk their different ways.

Both have since dated various other people

A couple of years ~ her split from Henrie, Hale started dating Amazing Spider-Man actor chris Zylka. The pair were with each other for about nine months prior to some cryptic tweets indigenous Chris argued that the 2 were done.

Following she romance with Zylka, the Katy Keene star to be romantically affiliated with gibbs Graham Rogers for about three months before they damaged up in September 2013.

Hale has also been attached to musician Anthony Kalabretta and also her Life Sentence co-star Riley Smith. However, both that those relationships didn’t was standing the check of time.

As because that Henrie, he’s been rumored to have dated his Wizards of Waverly Place co-star Selena Gomez, however that claim eventually passed away out. In 2010, it was reported the he was date actor Elle McLemore ~ they were spotted leaving a restaurant together in LA. However, your romance only lasted a few short months.

In January 2017, Henrie announced his engagement to previous Miss Delaware 2011, Maria Cahill. Three months later, lock tied the knot.

Two years earlier today she stated yes! and also now the fruit of our love is starting to poke out :) Pia Henrie I deserve to not wait to satisfy you.

— David Henrie (
DavidHenrie) October 7, 2018

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Today, the couple is still happily married and are parents of 1-year-old Pia Philomena Francesca. In June 2020, the Disney Channel alum revealed that he and also his wife were expecting their 2nd child, a baby young due in December.

Where walk their connection stand today?

Though points didn’t work-related out between Hale and also Henrie, the pair stayed friendly v each various other after their breakup, v the Wizards the Waverly Place star informing J-14 earlier in 2014, “We’re friends. We’re simply buddies now.”

While there’s no informing where the actors’ friendship stands today, it’s clear the both have since moved on through their lives.

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Although Hale has actually yet to settle down and start a family members of she own, she’s been contents practicing self-love and also isn’t in a rush to get into one more relationship at the moment.

“When i was younger, ns was constantly wanting to be through or day someone due to the fact that I was so deathly fear of being single or by myself,” she told Cosmopolitan earlier this year. “Now, I’m at the allude where if I fulfill someone, they better really elevate my life, because I love being single.”