Similar to the previous Mario Kart games, the seventh video game in the series will market gamers a lot of of keys to unlock such as the ability to unlock mystery characters.

Aside native Mario, Peach, Bowser, Luigi, and also the other beginning characters, there room nine an ext special characters that you deserve to unlock. Some of the notable ones that you deserve to play as in Mario Kart 7 is Rosalina indigenous Super Mario Galaxy and also the weird Wario.

Below are the full list that characters and also directions on exactly how to unlock them.


Daisy Win 150cc Mushroom Cup

WarioWin 150cc Flower Cup

Rosalina Win 150cc Star Cup

Metal MarioWin 150cc one-of-a-kind Cup

Shy GuyWin 150cc shell Cup

Honey Queen Win 150cc Banana Cup

WigglerWin 150cc leaf Cup

Lakitu Win 150cc Lightning Cup

Mii Win all cups on any type of cc.

Mario Kart 7 - Unlocking the an enig Characters, 10.0 the end of 10 based upon 1 rating

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