Following almost every optimistic urinalysis, the armed forces member will certainly be request to administer another sample. Command often refers to this 2nd sample as a “retest” yet it really isn’t – it’s a second urinalysis.

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The command timeline because that a armed forces urinalysis is as follows:

Day 1: urinalysis taken, placed into storage

Day 2 – 5: urinalysis crate shipped to the nearest armed forces drug lab

Day 5 – 10: urinalysis box arrives at medicine lab and is placed into secure storage

Day 10 – 20: urinalysis crate is opened, samples are inspected, and testing occurs

Day 20-30: early screenings and confirmation trial and error is completed, hopeful results room reported v the online portal come command

The “detection window” for practically all illicit medicine (meaning the time from ingestion come the loss of a detectable level) is days, no weeks. So by the moment a “retest” occurs, the drug will certainly be the end of the system, uneven the individual offered again.

Because weeks generally pass before the command educates the members and requests a retest, the medicine that brought about the first positive urinalysis medicine test result will be out of the system. If the member has actually not ingested (knowingly, unknowingly, or otherwise), the or she need to test an unfavorable on the retest.

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Is a “retest” helpful?

So long as the drug test result is NEGATIVE, climate it is some proof that the member is not a chronic, or frequent, drug user. It will certainly not invalid the very first drug check result, and also the member will certainly normally challenge the exact same disciplinary and administrative activity as a an outcome of the first, hopeful urinalysis.

A positive test ~ above the “retest,” particularly for an illegal drug like cocaine or marijuana, is generally negative news, particularly if the outcomes fail to lend the possibility to argue that the “retest” an outcome was brought about by the same ingestion. An example where the urinalysis an outcome could be led to by the same ingestion would certainly be a an extremely high an outcome on the an initial test and really low result on the “retest.”

The finest advice because that a armed forces member who tests optimistic on a urinalysis is together follows:

Make no statements, come anyoneDon’t consent to any kind of searches, including giving a urinalysisPromptly speak to an proficient lawyer who deserve to advise you on even if it is to provide a retest sample and make statements around the optimistic urinalysisDon’t waive any rights come an administrative separation hearing

Attorney Patrick Korody is a previous Navy judge Advocate that was certified through the judge Advocate basic as a specialist in army Justice. He defends members of the military worldwide and has efficiently defended business members facing allegations of drug abuse and also wrongful drug use at NJP, court-martial, and administrative separation boards. His offices are located in Jacksonville, Florida.