Hello Operator

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Sung to: The merry Melodies layout song, indigenous the old WarnerBrothers cartoons.

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Also recognized as: miss out on Suzy

Also see: miss Lucy had actually A Baby

Heidi Stephens (Cincinnati, OH) Jim Rugh (Houston, TX) Dara Ryan (unknown) Jus Morhaim (unknown)
Rating Sassy
Notes indigenous Heidi "I can"t psychic the final lines, alas."
Notes from Jim "My boy told me the rest..."
Notes indigenous Jus I"ve spent every day since August listening to this tune on my bus, and the persons on the page are missing the really ending. Respectable till now was a long time.

Miss Suzy had a steamboatThe steamboat had a bellMiss Suzy went to heavenThe steamboat went to-Hello operatorGive me number nineIf you disconnect meI"ll kick your huge be-"Hind the "frigeratorThere to be a item of glassMiss Suzy fell upon itAnd cut her large old-Ask me no much more questionsGive me no more liesAsk me no much more questionsGive me no much more liesThe boys are in the restroomzipping up their-Flies space in the meadowThe bees are in the parkMiss Suzy and her boyfriendAre kissing in the D. A. R.

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K.D-A-R-K. D-A-R-K.Dark Dark Dark DarkDarker than the oceanDarker than the seaDarker 보다 the black boyThat peed everywhere me!

Miss Lucy had actually a heavy steam boatThe steamboat had a bell,Miss Lucy checked out heaven and theSteamboat went to...Hello operatorPlease offer me number nineAnd if friend disconnect meI will certainly chop off your...Behind the "fridgeratorThere to be a item of glassMiss Lucy satellite upon itAnd she cut her little...Ask me no much more questionsI"ll tell you no more liesThe boys are in the bathroomPulling down their...Flies space in the meadowThe bees are in the parkMiss Lucy and her boyfriendAre kissing in the...Dark is like a movieA movie"s prefer a showA display is favor a tv setAnd that is all i know.Miss Suzy had a rate boatThe speed watercraft had a bellMiss Suzy saw heavenThe speed watercraft went toHello OperatorGive me number nineIf friend disconnect meIll absent you in theBehind the frigerateorThere was a item of glassMss Suzy sat upon itAnd damaged her littleAsk me no much more questionsTell me no more liesThe boys space in the bathroomsZipping increase theirFlies space in the meadowBees space in the parkMiss Suzy and also her boyfriendAre kissing in theDark! Dark! Dark!Darker climate the oceanDarker the the seaDarker the the panty-hoesMy mommie puts on meMy brothers is annoyingMy dad is hong kongMy very little sisterIs the one who made up thisSong! Song! Song!