Mount and also Blade: Warband is the an initial sequel because that the action role-playing video game Mount and Blade. An initial announced in January 2009, the video game was occurred by TaleWorlds and was published by Paradox interaction on march 30, 2010. Warband expands on the original game by presenting a sixth faction, boosting the politics options, enabling players to start their own faction, and also incorporating multiplayer modes. Reveiws the the game were typically favourable, through the enhancement of multiplayer the most extremely praised element.

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This indict will provide a detailed guide on just how to use the casual Warband map editor come make totally custom maps, and how to successfully use the module device to add it to your mod or server.

Posted by Yldrania ~ above Dec 5th, 2013 - straightforward Mapping/Technical

We will create this indict in a way that everyone will be able to follow the steps and create good, practice maps. That includes that all the software used is freeware and I will put download web links in the indict for easy access.

Programs and Tools:

Before starting, we should download the compelled software.

- Python: Download the version 2.7.6- M&B Warband Module System: Download the M&B Warband Module System- OPTIONAL: Notepad++ : Notepad-plus-plus.orgThis is no required, however makes the editing of the password within the module system much easier. This is obviously based on an individual preference, so girlfriend can select for you yourself if you desire to use it or not.

Setting up The Programs and also Tools:

We could do this later, yet it is much an ext convenient to perform it every in the beginning.

Let"s start with setting up Notepad++. Ns doubt i really have to describe much around that. Download the program, unzip the file, run the installer. The only thing you need to mind below is the you really use the installer, and also don"t simply run the program. It works to run the program, but that means you won"t be able to open any type of files straight with that later.

Second, let"s collection up the Module System. Throughout this intro, ns will use the faster way MS for this. Download and unzip the file. Now, take the entire module system, and move it come a practically folder. In part downloads, there shows up to it is in an error v the latest variation of the module system, therefore you can be much better off downloading the version 1.153 instead. Now enter the ms folder, and also search because that "". Don"t be fear by the lot of records in the MS, you will need less than a handful of those because that the actual process of adding a map. Right click the record "", and also either click "Edit v IDLE" or top top "Edit v Notepad++". In the remainder of the tutorial, ns will just say "edit this file" come state that you are supposed to open it in one of two people notepad++ or idle.Now, this is a quite short document. The an initial two currently are just for your information, for this reason don"t modify them. The line we need to edit is the third (starting v export_dir). This line specifies the folder your modifications will be saved in. Now, if you want to add a map to your normal indigenous module, change the route within the " " to the path of your native folder. This can look somewhat choose that:

export_dir = "C:/Program Files/Mount&Blade/Modules/Native/"

The line below that is not relevant. Nobody of the lines starting with # are relevant in fact. They are all simply information, no actual codes.

Now the is time to collection up Python. Download the file, and also install it. That is simplest to simply install the in that default course C:\Python27. Now, friend don"t have to do much more but to ensure every little thing works out smoothly, it would be adviced for you to add it to the environmental variables. That isn"t as hard as it sounds. Ns don"t know just how this works on home windows 8, but on windows XP, and Windows 7 it works as follos:Right click "My Computer" and also choose "Properties". There click "Advanced" tab and select "Environmental Variables". Look because that the section "Path" in the tiny window top top the bottom that the window, edit that one, and include ";C:\Python27\" in the end. Make sure not to adjust any the other files, and also check whether the ";" is currently there before or not. If it is there, you execute not require to add it.

Now we"re set, and can begin making ours map!

First that all, begin the Warband launcher, select the correct mod, and click top top "Configure". Currently go to "Advanced", and also tick the "Enable edit Mode" come activate it. Click "OK" and also start the game. If girlfriend are adhering to this accuse while in reality trying the things, I would certainly advice you to start the game in Windowed (this deserve to be changed in the launcher together well).

If you desire to modify a default map, you can ignore the complying with step. If you desire to actually add an additional map, you should follow the next step. Start the Singleplayer Campaign - just load part character you have actually or develop a new game. ~ above the bottom left of her screen, come the left of "Camp", over there is now a buttom the only shows up in edit mode: "Terrain". This beginning the terrain editor, and also that is specifically what we desire to do! So click that, and also you will be taken to the editor. Below you can create the general terrain you want your map to be set in. You have the opportunity to set things such together river, water depth, vegetation, terrain, valley, map size, and also more. Adjust the map the way you want your future map to be, and also click ~ above "Generate Terrain" come preview your last terrain, and click top top "Copy" top top the top.One thing you should be careful around here: If you want a fully plain map, without any type of random grass girlfriend can"t remove being generated roughly the map, choose "Snow". You will have the ability to edit that later in the constant editor.A casual sized, fully plain, map password is below. Feel cost-free to usage it.


Now we have already generated the an easy setup because that our map. The next step is to add the map come the module system, and with the to the game. If you want to modify an original map, friend can also ignore this step. Your map is clearly already added to the game, and also you deserve to just run to editing and enhancing it. If you want to include a fully new map though, that is important you monitor the adhering to steps closely.

For those that edited an initial map, the following might be interesting. If you, for part reason, want to edit the terrain of among the initial maps, right here is which code belongs come which map:

("multi_scene_1", "Ruins"),("multi_scene_2", "Village"),("multi_scene_3", "Hailes Castle"), #Castle 1("multi_scene_4", "Ruined Fort"),("multi_scene_5", "Scene 5"), #not prepared yet("multi_scene_6", "Scene 6"), #not all set yet("multi_scene_7", "Field through the River"),("multi_scene_8", "Rudkhan Castle"), #Castle 2("multi_scene_9", "Snowy Village"),("multi_scene_10", "Turin Castle"), #Castle 3("multi_scene_11", "Nord Town"),("multi_scene_16", "Port Assault"),("multi_scene_17", "Brunwud Castle"), #Castle 4("multi_scene_18", "Battle ~ above Ice"),("multi_scene_19", "Mahdaar Castle"), #Castle 5("multi_scene_20", "Jameyyed Castle"), #Castle 6("multi_scene_21", "The Arena"),("multi_scene_22", "Forest Hideout"),("multi_scene_12", "Random levels (Medium)"),("multi_scene_13", "Random levels (Large)"),("multi_scene_14", "Random Steppe (Medium)"),("multi_scene_15", "Random Steppe (Large)"),

Now ago to including a custom map:

1.) open up "" in one of two people IDLE or Notepad++. Push Ctrl + F and search because that "multiplayer_maps_end". You have to put the password for her map before that, given that this obviously sets the end of the scenes. Copy paste one of the codes, and edit it as presented in the complying with example:

The blue part is the component you must copy, the red component is the part you customize (this will certainly be the code for her map), the black component marks the end of the part of the code.

You have the right to now clearly see the lengthy number in the finish of every part of the code. Replace this number v the password we produced previously in the Terrain Editor. Save and also exit "".

2.) open "", and also press Ctrl + F to search for "scn_multi_scene_1". You will view that right above these currently you can see the lines:

(this_or_next|eq, ":game_type", multiplayer_game_type_deathmatch), (this_or_next|eq, ":game_type", multiplayer_game_type_duel), (eq, ":game_type", multiplayer_game_type_team_deathmatch),

In this step we will add the map to the game types. girlfriend can very easily identify where to include your map because that which game. Here is exactly how it works: include your map in the bottom of the list for every game type you want it to be play in in the future: just copy dough the critical line and edit it as displayed in the following example:

The blue part is the part you must copy, the red component is the component you customize (this will be the password for her map), the black component marks the end of this part of the code. Make certain to boost the number in ~ the end of every game form by one. It might look choose this after.

(troop_set_slot, "trp_multiplayer_data", multi_data_maps_for_game_type_begin + 13, "scn_random_multi_steppe_large"), (troop_set_slot, "trp_multiplayer_data", multi_data_maps_for_game_type_begin + 14, "scn_your_map_name"),(assign, ":num_maps", 15),

Save and exit "".

3.) open up "" in either IDLE or Notepad++, and search because that "multi_scene_end". Copy among the lines from above, and paste the right before the "multi_scene_end". Us will currently modify this pasted heat to provide your future map a name. It might look something like this:

The blue part is the part you should copy, the red component the component that leads the password to your map. Usage the name you gave the map in the previous codes here. The green part is the surname the map will certainly be presented with in the admin panel of the game.

("multi_scene_15", "Random Steppe (Large)"), ("your_map_name", "name_for_your_map"), ("multi_scene_end", "multi_scene_end"),

Save and also exit "".

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4.) now the last action of including your map come the game: operation "build_module.bat". Give it time to generate the module. If you have actually done every little thing correctly, it will run without any errors. If girlfriend encounter any kind of errors, feel totally free to asking me for advice. Frequently times friend can conveniently fix the yourself, or search for the error top top Google.

5.) If you want to include it to a module, you room done now. If you want your map come be digital on a server, you need to take the developed .txt files (found in the folder friend directed her module device to after properly running build_module.bat) and also upload those to the server\Modules\Native. In a following step, upload your map come server\Modules\Native\Sceneobj. Obviously, you can replace "Native" with any kind of module you prefer, as long as the server establish it.

Congratulations, you have actually now generated your map and added it to her module/server. You have the right to now continue to construct your custom map. A couple of pieces that advice here, worrying the editor:

1.) To obtain into the editor, start the game with modify mode enabled, choose Multiplayer, hold A Game, and load your map. Now click Ctrl + E to acquire into the modify mode. If girlfriend haven"t loaded a character, the teleports you to the external edge of the map. This can be avoided just by spawning and also walking come the location you desire to enter the edit mode in.

2.) The Interface: ~ above the left next you deserve to basically manage everything. On peak you have the various modes you can modify in, listed below that a perform of every objects included to the map, and also below that all objects easily accessible to be added.

3.) The Controls: Left Click: SelectRight Click: PlaceW - A - S - D: relocate aroundB: adjust item sizeH: PreviewT: HeightY - Z - X: revolve in the direction that the axisG: relocate item aroundU: Turn itemR: Reset items in original positionE: UpC: Down