Remove the kit components from the packaging. Conserve the outer packaging since the specimen should be placed in the re-closable external packaging for shipment to the laboratory.

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Peel open up the collector pad package and also remove the collection device. Do not touch the pad.

Place the collector pad under the donor"s tongue and also instruct the donor to close his/her mouth. The donor should not chew or suck on the pad. Once the indicator home window turns blue, remove the collection maker from the donor"s mouth. Execute NOT eliminate the collection device until the indicator turns blue. If the indicator does not revolve blue in ~ 15 minutes, remove the collection device and discard. Re-collection v a new maker may begin immediately after saliva has collected in the donor"s mouth.

Holding the transfer tube in one upright position, eliminate the cap, and insert the collector device, pad first, right into the tube. Do NOT set the carry tube top top a table. If any type of of the buffer fluid is spilled, a new transport tube have to be used. The amount of liquid in the transfer tube is critical to the experimentation process.

Push the lid firmly onto the deliver tube until you listen the SNAP. Tenderness shake the tube to mix the saturated collector pad v the buffer.

Write the collection day on the security seal, peel the seal off the check request kind and location it across the cap (see chart on test request type for instructions).

Have the donor initial the defense seal to indicate the specimen was sealed in the donor"s presence. Please carry out not usage red octopus or felt reminder pens. Blue and black ballpoint pens room preferred.

Place the carry tube right into the original outer packaging noted with the collector device. Location the collection maker and top copy the the check request type in the gave shipping pack or U.S. Mailer box.

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The sample can not be processed there is no the info supplied top top the test request form. If the check request form does not accompany the specimen, trial and error will be delayed.Please follow this guidelines when shipping your specimen(s) come the laboratory:

Five or more specimens: Please use the rap pack listed by RTLFewer than five specimens: Please usage the pre-paid U.S. Mailer boxesOral fluids and also urine might be sent out in the very same lab pack detailed by RTL once sending five or an ext specimens (e.g. 3 urine specimens and also two oral specimens).Please perform not mix oral fluid and also urine specimens in the exact same postage-paid mailer box! every U.S. Postal service regulations, usage the box provided specifically because that each kind of check as indicated on the pre-paid label.