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a video game by Ubisoft Divertissements Inc.
Platform: XBox 360
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 evaluation
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 17 votes
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The perform of Naruto-inspired video clip games is plentiful, despite mostly focused on the core fans of the present - an interpretation players with less story understanding weren’t together welcomed. This isn’t the case with Nartuto: increase of a Ninja, v its storytelling aspect for new fans along with familiar combat and environments for devoted ones. Players will endure the open civilization of Konoha Village, unlocking brand-new areas and also unique jutsu abilities follow me Naruto’s trip to win respect among the village’s inhabitants.

Entertaining expedition as an top Character

Players will start the game within a beautiful 2D rendition of Konoha Village, scouring the streets and also taking on objectives along the way. In fact, the abundance of goals is enough to save players hooked for hrs on end. Straightforward tasks together as carrying ramen for a nearby restaurant have the right to be carried out, alongside sillier quests like playing hide-and-seek through Konohamaru, the local snot-nosed brat in Konoha Village. Completing these objectives is crucial for swaying the city to Naruto’s side, i m sorry is the more comprehensive in-game goal; players begin out through the city disliking Naruto, and also each effective mission incrementally convinces a new group that townies to convert to his side. ~ a few hours the accomplishing tasks and also unlocking additional areas, more city-like settings will come to be available, opened up a new world of possibilities for travel. Abilities space picked up follow me the means allowing structures to be easily scaled, wide gaps to it is in athletically traversed, and also players can even send Naruto sprinting across bodies the water.

Story-Inspired Jutsu Abilities

As mentioned, players will pick up variety of distinct powers past just double jumps and faster sprinting. The Naruto-inspired strength of jutsu is at the core of this abilities, and if players fee up enough chakra, they deserve to unleash vital damage top top opponents. To perform this, the exactly hand gestures should be applied to release one of three varieties of jutsu - the chakra concentration, zero clone jutsu, and also sexy jutsu. These abilities and also the beat ‘em up layout of regular attacks aren’t complicated, and also actually fairly easy to pick up in a short timeframe.

Open World, if True to past Titles

Among the staminas of Naruto: climb of a Ninja is that open people within the village of Konoha. Although over there are restricted areas easily accessible outside the town, the bandit posts, temples, and also swamps are colorful with an organic feel. These elements aren’t featured in past Naruto game titles, if the classic one-on-one combat develops some familiarity through those who played older gamings like path of the Ninja.

Bottom Line

The amazing use that jutsu in Naruto: rise of a Ninja, familiar elements for faithful fans of the manga, and also fulfilling player development make it a funny Xbox 360 title, though not for an extremely long. Some restrictions in combat, such as minimal combos and fighting the very same battles throughout the game, have the right to hinder its feeling of irreversible entertainment.

Similar Titles

A location which matches the open-world side of this video game with a similar combat scope, Dragon sphere Z: Kakarot exit in January 2020, and also My Hero: One’s justice 2 with similar animation format though no open people aspect.

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The game has a moderate shelf life because that entertainment - gathering abilities and unlocking places is fun as long as there are an ext to find, and it helps that there are 10 extr characters with their very own fighting styles and also abilities to gain. However, the short list that combos supplied in combat, repetitive fights through the very same ninjas and also bandits, and jolting transitions indigenous 3D cutscenes come the game’s 2D computer animation do drag the gameplay under a bit.


Intriguing jutsu abilities true to the game’s coming before manga narrativeEases non-Naruto fans into the storyFulfilling progression throughout the game


Surface-level list of combos makes combat a little bit limitingRepetitive battles don’t mix up difficulty muchTransitions native 3D cutscenes come 2D animation can each other disappointme