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----------------------------------------a so-so episode, ns was yes, really hoping the sora would go to naruto"s rescue, yet instead, that met up through someone else...

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Yeah I assumed it to be gonna be rather better...but that"s what you gain from filter eps....guess I"ll have to wait until following week...bummer. =(

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Well..Sai"s fight wasn"t bad, and also in the end we uncover out the they to be after Sora the totality time..I execute wonder why, but it"s just.. Idk, I"m not specifically thrilled around next week"s episode, like I typically am because Shippuuden started.I assumption: v it to be ok for a filler.
A fairly boring episode. Hopefully things will get an ext interesting, due to the fact that we now understand who they were after.
hmmm walk that mean that to be naruto"s very first kiss v a woman hahaha.even if the was through his kage, its tho him.....way to walk naruto!
Yeah ns guess it wasn"t that bad, yet the idea of a filler is annoying sufficient :(The filler started off good with Naruto finding out his Wind manipulation, however now this...*sigh* i don"t have any type of patience!
I laugh at that Naruto-joke, when he made funny of she after she kissed the clone. That"s a first. Lol. Rest was ok, ns suppose.
Yeah, nothing also special about that episode, although i was laughing when Naruto stated he had "kissing experience"...I was reasoning "Only if you counting Sasuke!", and also lo and behold!
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Meh, this illustration was it s okay for filler. Yet some of the animation looked pretty low-quality, especially if you think about the show"s being broadcast in HD now...

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Well the component with the kissing was kinda fun yet everything else...>_>Don"t think anything good is gonna take place for a month or therefore *sigh*
My thoughts: one more boring episode of an anime that doesn"t seem to it is in heading all over anytime soon.
yoeri said:Yeah ns guess the wasn"t that bad, however the idea the a filler is annoying enough :(The filler began off an excellent with Naruto finding out his Wind manipulation, but now this...*sigh* ns don"t have any type of patience!
haha, i agree v you, i was interested once he was beginning to find out to manipulate his chakra however now, the seems favor it"s gaining nowhere
yoeri said:Yeah i guess the wasn"t that bad, but the idea the a filler is annoying sufficient :(The filler started off great with Naruto discovering his Wind manipulation, but now this...*sigh* i don"t have any patience!
That kiss scene to be kinda... WTF????? despite the SasuxNaru flashback to be cute. ^^ (Not to mention that Naruto was blushing madly... :P)I dislike fillers... >_

Ok, yet I consider everything whereby he"s not fighting Akatsuki a filler ^^Agreed ~ above the kissing part :p is a home of Co.,Ltd. ©2021 All civil liberties Reserved.