At the beginning of the rainbow lies the Rainbow Pool, a location where any type of pet through a repaint Brush deserve to bathe in the waters and transform into one more colour! rather spiffy, eh?

Painting A Pet

From drab... Come fab!

Step 1: Obtaining a repaint Brush

Whether you desire your pet to sprout wings v the assist of a Faerie paint Brush or grow scales and fins v a Maraquan paint Brush, you"re going to have actually to acquire a brush!


Paint Brushes have the right to be gained from arbitrarily events, challenge prizes, and even part dailies. The hidden Tower likewise sells four exclusive paint Brushes (Baby, Darigan, Maractite and also Royal), however the most reliable method of gaining a paint Brush is come buy one off another user. Plenty of brushes must be uncovered on the Trading write-up since they"re so expensive, yet the Shop magician may likewise be a good place come look for the cheaper ones.

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However, there are some colours the aren"t accessible through repaint Brushes.

Item-exclusives (technically, this are similar to paint Brushes, but you usage them v your inventory quite than the Rainbow Pool; castle can additionally be acquired at the Lab ray or spring Faerie):

Step 2: Going to the Rainbow Pool

Alright, therefore this component is quite straightforward. First, walk to Neopia central then click on the tiny pool v the rainbow comes down into it.

Once you obtain there, friend will check out the paint Brushes you have in her Inventory. Her pets will be noted at the bottom that the web page with a dropdown in which girlfriend will uncover the colours easily accessible for that certain pet.

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To repaint your pet, just click the colour under the list and press submit. (Make sure you check the appropriate colour, because there"s no warning because that this!)


And voilà! as soon as your pet has been blow dried, you"re instantly required to the fast Reference web page where you deserve to see your pet in every its brand-new glory!


So, see? paint a pet is as straightforward as pie! acquiring the repaint Brush is the hardest part.

If you"re having trouble deciding i beg your pardon colour to paint your pet check out the brand-new Rainbow Pool, right below on JN! You can preview all pet colours right now available. If you simply want come look at paint Brushes, examine out this find in our Item Database!