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You don’t should go to university to beat in the NFL. This can seem counterintuitive, since the bulk of the players in the NFL come indigenous an NCAA team, and typically really prestigious department I NCAA groups at that, yet there’s in reality nothing in the league’s eligibility rules that solely specify any type of amount of university education. That is true that if one athlete goes to college, over there are details rules and also regulations that have to be abided by, yet the idea that greater education is mandatory because that NFL players simply isn’t correct.

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What this players are, though, is extraordinarily uncommon — NFL scouts love university resumes and game tape, ~ all. For every Jarryd Hayne, or the male who toiled away in the CFL or other pro leagues that are a action or two gotten rid of from the greatest sports league in America, there are legions the athletes who proudly speak to out your alma mater during the prerecorded pregame introductions. This is not around those guys. This is about the five best NFL players the avoided the NCAA entirely.

1. Beam Seals

Pictured above laying into Buffalo bills quarterback Jim Kelly, Seals is one of the most famous NFL players to have actually skipped university in league history. Indeed, together a beginning defensive finish on a Super bowl team (in this case, the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super key XXX), Seals got to the apex that his position, also though the Steelers would finish up losing that contest. Seals make his way to the NFL by stints with minor organization football franchises, and would at some point spend eight periods playing in ~ the highest level of experienced football, playing for the Tampa only Buccaneers and the Carolina Panthers and the aforementioned Steelers.

2. Eric Swann

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One the the reasons that the NCAA offers such a reputable tunnel for experienced caliber talent in the human being of football is the absence of a universally recognizable second tier. In other words, yes the NFL, and also then there’s whatever else — and also for players like Eric Swann, who was ruled academically ineligible to play because that North Carolina State and wound up playing for the now-defunct bay State Titans, explained as “a bunch the nobodies in Massachusetts,” being drafted through the Arizona Cardinals without playing a single second of college football must have actually been indescribable.

It’s precious noting right here that Swann did briefly to visit Wake woodland Technical College before dropping the end to play with the Titans, but he’s had here because his collegiate tenure was brief enough the he’s listed as having actually “No College” top top his official NFL page.

3. Sav Rocca

Easily the ideal name on the entire list, Sav Rocca to be a latecomer come the NFL — he didn’t play in the league ideal until the period of 36, as soon as he caught on with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2006, ending up being the earliest rookie in organization history. What to be he doing before his debut? play Australian football, i m sorry is not the same as American football, or rugby, for the matter.

4. Michael Lewis

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All hail the Beer Guy! Michael Lewis, previous Budweiser truck driver, finally recorded on in the NFL after ~ a decade of slogging with indoor and arena soccer leagues after graduating high school in 1990. The brand-new Orleans native lastly got his break on football’s greatest stage as soon as his hometown team, the brand-new Orleans Saints, signed him. The eventual All-Pro, that came right into the organization with the mostly-modest score to “play in one NFL game,” would eventually carve out a six-year career the started as soon as he to be 30 years old.

5. Lawrence Okoye

All of this athletes bypassed the NCAA and the classic college suffer for one factor or another, however only Lawrence Okoye has a spot wait for him whenever he desires it, as the third-year defensive lineman for the brand-new York Jets. Okoye has a distinguished career as an Olympic athlete, and a location to study law at Oxford wait for that whenever his sporting activities career starts to wind down. He’s also a rugby player, and also became the an initial of 2 such athletes on the franchise’s active roster as soon as they signed Jarryd Hayne.

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Did we miss any type of famous faces? Let us know. In the meantime, all stats come from agree Football Reference.