I uncovered the lexical meanings of the word notch here, yet they don"t seem to fit in the given context.

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In the message you describe from the book, Druids the the Faerie, the command come the bowmen is because that them to take it an arrowhead (presumably from their quivers) and also to to the right the notch (the cut at the feathered finish of the arrow) come the bowstring in readiness to fire.

Modern archery books refer to this as nocking.

According come the publication sourced below:

Nocking the arrow is the procedure of hold the arrowhead so you have the right to snap the nock ~ above the bowstring. It also method checking the the arrow"s index vanes or fletching room orientated top top the bowstring for suitable clearance together the arrowhead passes the riser.

Other write-ups refer come nocking as actually fitting the notch to the bowstring.

Thus both to nock (and in your text to notch your arrows) method preparing come fire the arrow.


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It method "to to the right an arrowhead to a bow, by way of the notch reduced in the end of the arrow."

Notching your arrow is the an initial step to shoot it. Friend notch, then pull back and release to permit the arrow fly

When you"re certain the adhesive is totally dry, gently flex the tip and also the feather to test their strength. If they"re securely attached and don"t budge at all, your arrow"s all set to fire! Notch her arrow in her bow, pull the bowstring back, aim, and let your arrowhead fly! never shoot your arrowhead at civilization or animals - even rock age arrows can seriously hurt who - after all, they to be originally used for hunting.

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