The Olde English Bulldogge is a loyal and also courageous dog breed v a steady temperament. They get on really well v children and are naturally very protective that them. The contemporary breed is in reality a fairly recent re-creation of the old dogs provided for bull-baiting, but with a an extremely mellow temperament.

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Their common disposition is happy, out-going, eager to please and trustworthy. They can additionally play the clown, as the video compilation below shows!

flickr photograph courtesy of Cindy Funk

Personality and Temperament

They wear their hearts on your doggy sleeve for this reason if girlfriend tell your Olde English off, mean to it is in rewarded with a hurtful watch on her dog"s challenge ... And also possibly also be ignored for a while until he"s acquired over it!

They have far fewer health problems compared to the English Bulldog so space able to operation around and play with children without any breathing issues and also they love your family and also want to monitor them around and also be v them every the time.

They absolutely LOVE chewing therefore make certain you have 2 or 3 playthings for her Old English Bulldogge to store him amused and also to store your furniture from being destroyed! Avoid providing him rawhide items such together bones and pigs ear though.

Otherwise, if friend don"t want to save replacing chewed up playthings then a great option is recycle tyres which apparently the dogs love. And they critical a little longer too!

You have the right to read an ext in the Olde English Bulldogge finish Owners Manual.

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Breed History

Bulldogs as a each other were an extremely popular from the 13th-19th Century when Bull Baiting was at it"s peak. Before this, castle were offered by butchers to immobilize bulls so that the farmer or butcher could method it and slaughter the bull without fear of injury.

Bull baiting was a horrific "sport" which was most well-known in England. Nearly every city or village had a bull ring and a large quantity of money passed hands at these events as civilization would bet wagers.

On the job of the bull baiting, the bull would certainly be decorated v ribbons and paraded through town. Then it was put into the bull-ring and attached come an iron stake in the floor with approximately 30ft that rope.

Different dog were then encouraged, one in ~ a time, to shot immobilize the bull through clamping your jaws onto it"s sleep which to be the many sensitive component of the beast.

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Inexperienced dogs regularly headed directly for the bull"s head which usually ended up with them being gored or tossed into the air.

If they to be lucky, the dogs came down on a spectator or were captured by their owners and escaped fairly unscathed from their ordeal.

Unsurprisingly, they were then rather reluctant come go earlier into the ring for an additional go!

Olde English Bulldogge

Experienced dog crept along on your stomachs, maintaining low to protect against the horns and then jumped on the bull"s nose once it bent down to present it"s horns.

When the Cruelty To animals Act come into force in 1835, bulldog owners suddenly found themselves v a entirety load of dogs and also not really much demand. The breed almost came to be extinct however thankfully, in 1865, dog lovers made decision to shot to conserve the breed and so started breeding it.

Ferocious aggression and also extraordinary courage was no so lot a requirement and also the dog progressed into countless breeds including the English Bulldog and also the Pit Bull Terrier.

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Despite the ancient sounding name, Olde English Bulldogges room a relatively brand-new breed.

Their breeding began in 1971 through David Leavitt that Pennsylvania who wanted come recreate the "Regency duration Bull Baiter", one more name for the now-extinct Old English Bulldog who was really popular during the bull baiting days.

He wanted this dog come physically resemble the Old English Bulldog but with a much less aggressive mentality.

He used English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, Mastiffs and American Pit Bull Terriers until he got to the kind of dog i m sorry resembled the 17th and also 18th Century dog he was looking for.

Since then, numerous breeders case to have Olde English Bulldogges but uneven the dogs lineage have the right to be traced back through the generations to the original structure stock which were used, then they can not be registered through neither The Olde English Bulldogge Kennel Club, The American rarely Breed Association no one The Canine breakthrough Health & revolutionary Registry (CDHPR).

Olde English Bulldogge

flickr picture from Cindy Funk
Height: 54 - 63cm (21 - 25 inches)Weight: 25 - 36kg ( 50 - 80 lb)Life Expectancy: 9 - 14 yrs


BlackGreyVarious Brindle colours (Black, red, brindle with white)

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You can read an ext about training your Olde English Bulldogge in the hands-on below:



Olde English Bulldogges are less aggressive 보다 their currently extinct namesakes - The Old English Bulldog - but this doesn"t mean they room a pushover!

They are protective of your family and property and also although they are not person or pet aggressive, they room often explained as "Non-Aggressive however Prepared".

According to DogFace Kennels in Minnesota (IOEBA authorized Olde English Bulldogge Breeders) you require never worry around your child being pains by a stranger if your Old English is around!


Olde English Bulldogges have a quick coat and so organize is retained pretty much to a minimum. An occasional brush is every that"s required.

They are typical shedders so you won"t be inundated v hair either!

However, because of their excessive drooling and also slobbering, you"ll require to clean their face daily. Especially in between the skin folds.

You could try using something choose this doggy face wash available from Amazon (US). There is additionally an Amazon UK version.

Health Considerations

Olde English Bulldogges often tend to have fewer health and wellness issues compared to their English Bulldog counterparts. They should have actually no breath problems and all dogs offered for breeding have hip x-rays to cut down on instances of i know good dysplasia.

Males should have the ability to sire normally (no artificial insemination required) and also females should have the ability to give birth normally unless there space complications, i beg your pardon can happen with any kind of breed.

They space muscular, stocky dogs so lots and lots of running around and jumping is no advised especially for tiny puppies.

However lock are prone come bloating if castle eat too much at one sit which can be fatal.

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Famous Old English Bulldogges

I couldn"t discover any! perform you recognize of any kind of famous Olde English Bulldogges?

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