When George Washington took office as the very first president the the united States, American leaders believed that the new nation"s success depended on:a. Developing political parties together a way of channeling the people"s passions.b. Keeping political harmony.c. Protecting all develops of freedom.d. Washington"s willingness come serve until he died.e. Coining money.

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All of the adhering to men hosted a high executive or judicial office during George Washington"s presidency EXCEPTa. John Adams.b. Thomas Jefferson.c. James Madison.d. Alexander Hamilton.e. John Jay.
Alexander Hamilton"s permanent goal to be to:a. Build up the Republican Party"s politics power.b. Assure that the United states would be a generally agrarian nation.c. Promote the power of state governments.d. Do the United states a major commercial and also military power.e. Success George Washington together president.
Which the the following was NOT component of Alexander Hamilton"s jae won program?a. Creating a brand-new national debt, thereby giving bondholders a stake in the nation"s futureb. The bank of the joined States, modeled top top the financial institution of Englandc. A taxation on whiskey producers as a way of elevating revenued. Taxes and also subsidies to promote American manufacturinge. A national capital city with experimental manufacturing
Which that the complying with was not an objection raised by critics of Hamilton"s proposals?a. Creating a standing army would threaten individual liberty.b. A whiskey taxation would unfairly target backcountry farmers supplied to distilling their grain.c. Hamilton"s program would develop a corruption alliance between government and big commercial interests.d. The proposals would prevent the breakthrough of manufacturing, and manufacturing was critical to America"s future.e. Hamilton"s setup for new government bonds would unfairly price speculators.
d. The suggest would stop the breakthrough of manufacturing, and also manufacturing was an essential to America"s future.
Opponents the Hamilton"s financial plan:a. Included George Washington.b. Were largely northerners who had actually supported ratification the the Constitution.c. Believed future development was come be found through near ties with Britain.d. Agreed to a compromise that included placing the national resources in the South.e. Were just jealous of Hamilton"s close relationship with Washington.
"Strict constructionists" believed:a. Jay"s Treaty should be construed or interpreted to put much more restrictions top top Indians.b. Flexibility of speech and also of the press should be limited if the president thought that to it is in necessary.c. The federal government could only practice powers specifically noted in the Constitution.d. The "general welfare" i of the Constitution gave the federal government power to produce a national bank.e. The development of new western settlements must be strictly limited in stimulate to prevent Indian wars.
Pierre Charles L"Enfant is renowned for:a. Top a slave rebellion in Saint Domingue.b. Creating Washington, D.C.c. Masterminding the XYZ affair.d. Negotiating the Louisiana Purchase.e. Writing Letters native an American Farmer.
Benjamin Banneker was:a. A scientist who helped survey the brand-new national capital.b. Congressional leader that the opposition come Hamilton in the early 1790s.c. The secretary of battle who publicly disagreed v Washington end Indian policy.d. One African-American slave whose record inspired the Fugitive slave Law.e. The first black person elected to Congress when he won choice in the "Revolution the 1800."
How did american respond to the French Revolution?a. Nearly everyone supported it at first, because the French appeared to be complying with in Americans" footsteps.b. Hamilton sustained the development of a standing army to prepare the nation should French radicalism spread throughout the Atlantic.c. Opponents of the French change formed the Republican Party, top by cutting board Jefferson.d. They blocked passage of Jay"s Treaty, which showed choice for great Britain.e. Chairman Washington automatically spoke out against French radicals and dispatched American warships to aid England.
a. Practically everyone sustained it in ~ first, since the French seemed to be following in Americans" footsteps.
What taken place to King louis XVI throughout the French Revolution?a. He abdicated the throne and moved to Switzerland.b. He properly fled to Austria v his wife.c. The ruled as a less an effective constitutional monarch after the Revolution.d. He to be executed.e. He was rescued by brother spies indigenous French imprisonment.
With whom did Alexander Hamilton and his supporters believe that the joined States required to maintain a firm partnership in bespeak to make it through as a nation?a. The Indiansb. The Spanishc. The Frenchd. The West Indiese. The British
Edmond Genet to be a French diplomat who:a. Was additionally a brothers spy, which caused his arrest in the joined States.b. I was delegated American ships to fight the British.c. Seek refuge in America as shortly as the French revolution began in 1789.d. Ended up being a vital advisor to chairman Washington on european affairs.e. Seek unsuccessfully to convince the Democratic-Republican cultures to support the French Revolution.
Which that the adhering to led straight to the formation of an organized political party protest to the Federalist Party?a. Hamilton-Burr duelb. Election of 1800c. Shays"s Rebelliond. Virginia and also Kentucky Resolutionse. Jay"s Treaty
The French Revolution:a. Was an extremely conservative compared to the American Revolution.b. Reinforced the Republicans" sympathy towards the French.c. Brought American troops come France come fight for liberty.d. Had very small impact ~ above American foreign policy.e. Had the assistance of the American Federalist Party.
Which the the adhering to is true that the Whiskey Rebellion the 1794?a. The "rebels" greatly blamed the Republican Party for your troubles.b. The Rebellion finished after a fight in i beg your pardon the "rebel" leader, Rufus King, to be killed.c. It represented the very first major difficulty to the administration of President john Adams.d. It to be the just time in U.S. Background that the chairman commanded an military in the field.e. The Rebellion demonstrated that North-South departments over slavery could turn violent.
The Democratic-Republican cultures of the 1790s:a. Criticize the Washington administration.b. Spoke out versus the French Revolution.c. Formed only about a dozen chapters in assorted cities.d. Strongly sustained Hamilton"s financial program.e. Damaged up and also created the Democratic and Republican parties by 1797.
Mary Wollstonecraft"s A Vindication of the rights of Woman:a. Was the first pamphlet released in the United claims by an American woman.b. Was motivated by thomas Paine"s legal rights of Man.c. Won solid support from the Federalist Party.d. Strongly challenged traditional sex roles.e. Was based on her experiences as a cross-dressing soldier throughout the Revolutionary War.
Which that the complying with is true the women and political life in the brand-new republic the the 1790s?a. The use of the word "male" in assorted provisions of the constitution of 1787 excluded women from any function in politics.b. Women, uneven white men and male African-American slaves, were particularly not counting in determining congressional representation.c. Part women added to a cultivation democratization of political life by suggesting for raised rights for your sex.d. Ladies actually acquired the best to vote, but not the appropriate to host office, in four new England states and in Pennsylvania through 1799.e. The prevailing view of ladies as intellectually worse to males meant the women"s involvement in politics never ever was considered.
c. Some women added to a growing democratization of political life by arguing for increased rights for your sex.
Judith Sargent Murray argued that women"s apparent mental inferiority to guys simply reflect the truth that women had been denied:a. Education opportunities.b. The right to vote.c. The best to own private property.d. Enough recreation time.e. The ability to knife a living wage.
Which that the following was no true the the United says in 1797?a. The 2 political next not just demonstrated divisions in the nation, but were divided within themselves.b. John Adams, the new president, to be brilliant but austere and also stubborn.c. American neutrality in the European battle was no working; both England and also France to be seizing American ships v impunity.d. The unified States already was split along sectional lines, with Federalists strong in brand-new England and also Republicans strong in the South.e. Believing the political parties were wrong, Adams consisted of Jefferson and also Hamilton in his government, and also they did not acquire along.
e. Believing that political parties were wrong, Adams had Jefferson and Hamilton in his government, and they walk not get along.
The 1796 election pitted man Adams and Thomas Pinckney against:a. James Madison and also John Marshall.b. Cutting board Jefferson and Aaron Burr.c. Aaron Burr and John Jay.d. Cutting board Jefferson and also James Madison.e. Alexander Hamilton and also Aaron Burr.
The "quasi-war" was a battle of the United claims against:a. England.b. Spain.c. The Netherlands.d. France.e. Canada.
Fries"s Rebellion:a. To be an uprising in Massachusetts.b. Was provoked because of hefty taxes ~ above whiskey.c. Caused over three-hundred deaths and much property destruction.d. Led to the execution of john Fries for treason.e. Caused a ns of support for Federalists in southeastern Pennsylvania.
The Sedition action of 1798:a. Targeted current arrivals come the joined States.b. Brought about the jailing that Federalist editors.c. Was much more stringent and also oppressive than comparable laws in Europe.d. Led Jefferson to argue that states, no the commonwealth government, could punish seditious speech.e. Was claimed unconstitutional through the U.S. Can be fried Court two years later.

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The Sedition action targeted:a. Alexander Hamilton"s financial ideas.b. Federalists.c. The Republican press.d. Illegal immigrants.e. Brother sympathizers.



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